Clouds : screenplay


Scene 5 : Sandcastles

Time : dusk

Place : beach in Hawaii

Music : only the sound of waves and surf with faint tinkling of bells heard

Abu , sitting under the shade of the Gingo tree from previous scene , is now joined by Olivia , who is seen carrying a transistor radio and holding the hand of little Peggy ( first appearance here in scene 5 ) . Nearby , Baby Blue Samsonite ( Sammy ) is almost asleep until Peggy steps onto her , climbing into the swaying hammock … the scent of plumeria bushes , a sweet aroma , drifts sweetly like the gentle mist on naked skin of a rainbow low in the heavens . See here the moon , rolling down the boulevard in the sky lighting up this hazy scene .

note to cameraman : 3 min. Close-up of Peggy as she falls asleep while the following lullaby is playing on the transistor radio .

Goodnight My Angel

Goodnight my angel ,

Time to close your eyes

And save those questions for another day

I think I know what you’ve been asking me

I think you know what I’ve been trying to say

I promised I would never leave you

And you should always know

Wherever you may go

No matter where you are

i never will be away .


Goodnight my angel

Now it’s time to sleep

And still so many things I want to say

Remember all the songs you sang for me

When we went sailing on an emerald bay

And like a boat out on the ocean

Im rocking you to sleep

The waters dark

And deep inside this ancient heart

Youll always be a part of me .


Goodnight my angel

Now it’s time to dream

And dream how wonderful your life will be

Someday your child may cry

And if you sing this lullabye

Then in your heart

There will always be a part of me .


Someday well all be gone

But lullabies go on and on …

They never die

Thats how you

And I

Will be .

written and sung by Billy Joel


Cameraman : focus on Olivia where only the universal rhythm of the waves are heard.

Olivia , once again , sees beyond the breakers , waves that bleed from grey to white , a white horizon where everything melts into everything else , like a ghost in the night . Bells chime , “she is here to bear witness “. And now , a single , unattached to a house , window appears like a vision with Olivia looking in , out at the sea and then  1000 miles down to the seabed .

Cameraman : long underwater scenes with sea life , dolphins and coral until there lies Peggy , looking up from underneath , peaceful in the deep cathedral of the ocean .

Music : Harp playing with the passionate voice of  Florence + the Machine  singing


This scene fades away to Tavisha at the distant end of the beach walking towards them after writing her lost loves name in the sand .

She is talking to herself . The alchemy of her own salty ocean tears begins to drop onto her toes , nails colored pink , pink like the inside of oyster shells , feet still like those of her girlhood .


Narrator ( Abu ) : Earlier on this day , when the beach had been noisy with families and children , Tavisha had often stopped in wonder , awe , and admiration for the pathway of sand castles being created . Ones with delicate peeks and well thought out moats above dug out rivers , others larger and strong with fish , stars and mermaid intricately designed . But now this world is changing from sunny noon bright heat  to twilight where a dolphin is suddenly seen jumping out of the waves and the sound of the pounding hoofs of Waipios wild horses is heard in the dusk of the distant valley .


Music playing from Dire Staits ( Alchemy Album )

Abu continues narration :

Tavisha swims into the rolling waters and when she emerges cleansed , back to shore she is weeping , weeping for her lost youth … gone now . A heart bruised and a body broken , tired more , aging fast , sleeping more , crying more , life meaning more . And now see the tears dried from the lovely strong wind and look , look as she sees the sand castles now being washed from the beach  as the tide rises . Look , how beautiful they  suddenly are ( so much more than before ) . The edges smooth , the forms simple and softened round , no details left  … only the hint of a castle now with its soul exposed into something strangely fat and alive making a map to another planets dimension  seem only a mile away . Something surreal , surreal with ancient amazing beauty .  The wind blows her hair , blows it like the waves blow the sand into a perfection sweet like silky soft baby hair .


Scene closes with window close-up in which a multitude of stars are seen thru the pane and a falling star lands in the eyes of Tavisha , bells tinkling , Baby Blue humming , Peggy sleeping , Olivia silent  and the grapefruit moon beaming it’s reflection on the floating windowsill .

Music : ” Closing Time ” instrumental played by Tom Waits


Scene # 6 :  Stormy Clouds


Narrator : Abu watching over Peggy as she dreams

She walks to the center of the grassy fields that she use to play in . She is ready . This life is to curl . She wants the storm to wash her away like water does to sand . She is a sandcastle and this is her wave . She is ready to get washed away . Hush , hush , hushing …


to be continued




Clouds ( continued from first scene – May 29 )


Scene # 4 : Setting love free

Tender and lyrical music playing as Abu , the secret keeper walks gently by playing his flute from previous scene ( scene now changes )

Note to cameraman : 3 minutes each in slow motion of volcano erupting and lava flowing , a pink flower blooming and waves of ocean rolling , followed by close up of Tavisha waking up and out her window we see a canoe going against the current .


Narrator : Brushing over her eyelids , the new day awakens her . She believes in the “green light , the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us . It eluded us then , but that’s no matter – tomorrow we will run faster , stretch out our arms further … and then one fine morning , we are born back ceaselessly into the past “.


Scene description : Eric and Tavisha laying in the grassy hill overlooking Eastsound Bay

“But I am older “, she says

” And don’t you know I won’t ever leave you , even though you are always leaving me … leaving me to be a mother still to grown up children . What about your life … and mine ? Why should I not admit it , in this moment my heart is breaking . I want you to come back , I will wait for you . You’re age doesn’t matter “!

” I am in love with everything and everyone I see “.

” Do you love me , my love “?

” Yes “.

” Then I will wait for you . Please don’t give away what you love the most “. He reaches for her and touches her skin , ” so much darker , so much softer “.

Music plays from ” Phantom of the Paradise” … ” Old Souls ” as scene changes to 3 yrs. later in Hawaii .


Narrator : ” She had been here before at her daughters on a now repeated journey . Hear the melodious , haunting note of the distant violin . He had married another … he did not wait . ” The heart dies a slow death , shedding each hope like leaves until one day there are none . No hopes , nothing remains “.

The noise of children is heard running and playing and Baby Blue Samsonite is heard singing , ” A Case of You ” : ” oh , I am a lonely painter , I live in a box of paints , oh , you’re in my blood like holy wine , you taste so bitter and so sweet , oh , but you are in my blood , you’re my holy wine … You’re so bitter , bitter and so sweet “.


Narrator : ” As sadness is encountered , loneliness is acknowledged and consciousness awakens … It is the day after the Summer Solstice  and strange is Tavishas dream .

Music playing ” Here Comes the Sun ” – Beatles

She sees herself running , floating above the ground , her mouth is wider , her teeth whiter , her darkest brown hair of youth , shinier . She wears the earth colored silk dress Eric had once bought for her the week after they met … It’s ribbon trailing behind with all the knots coming loose as the dress falls off . A voice is heard  , it is from their seer and teachers beloved wife , ” you look very beautiful together “. There up ahead is the hammock Eric had given Tavisha and hanging on the edge of it is the silver necklace of antiquity  with the blood red stone that had been discovered on Friday Harbor on Valentines Day . Tavisha awakens , crying from the lucid dream , remembering the electricity they both felt running thru their veins the first time they had sat next to eachother with legs accidentally touching … the shock of it and the poetry written because of this lightening , the poetry of them both , the poetry he had bound for her when she left and that now was kept inside Baby Blue Samsonite ……


Scene changes : Ocean beach in Hawaii

A distant prayer is heard from the volcano . The whole ocean is inside of Tavisha and she loves him … loves him still , but new with no attachments and deep , like the flaming sonnet of her heart set free . She loves him .

Abu is seen sitting in a Gingo tree , a blissful smile upon his brown weathered face as he watches Tavisha writing Eric’s name in the sand once again , only this time she is dancing her foot-prints all around and as the waves wash it away , she is heard by Pele , the fire goddess  , to be laughing like the sound of bells as a single orange bird flies like a brushstroke over the aqua sky .


We leave this scene with the image of the volcano erupting red , the bass drum beating loudly …as the hammock swingsImage


Photos by Ellen Rogers

Meg Dickerson






















Clouds … supporting cast


Supporting actors on train journey from London to Cairo :


Vera Famiga as Charlotte : poet and raw food teacher , friend of Tavisha



Jeremy Renner as Sam : Brooklyn artist , older brother to Edward



Emile Hirsch as Edward : younger brother of Sam , traveling together .


Chloe Sevigny as Tamsin : media photographer on train



Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Peggy : 7 year old daughter of Andrea ( scenes in Hawaii )


” and there may be more ” … yet to be cast !












Clouds … the goddess


Character study : Brigid ( beloved goddess )

Places : Orcas , Hawaii , various train scenes from London to Cairo

A most beautiful woman in her mid forties , from Sweden . She can be heard by the tinkling of her ankle bells in scenes where she is not seen . It is love at first sight between her and Eric . Note to cameraman : film only her feet at certain times when mystery is to be evoked . She is the queen of the night with the owl as her symbol .


Music playing by Leonard Cohen , ” There is a crack in everything . That’s how the light gets in ”

” The Goddess doesn’t enter us from outside ; she emerges from deep within . She is not held back by what happened in the past . She is conceived in consciousness , born in love , and nurtured by higher thinking . She is integrity and value , created and sustained by the hard work of personal growth and the discipline of a life lived actively in hope “.


Music playing slow and hauntingly beautiful : piano

Brigid appears too in the final death scene , wearing a long see-thru flowing gown with scant bikini underneath , on the windswept beach of Hawaii .

music playing : one note piano and flute with the sound of her ankle bells as an owl is shot in slow motion joining the eagle on Abu’s shoulder .









Clouds … A love story screenplay



A floating tale of drama , comedy and music in one persons life .

Character notes : Andrea

Place : Hawaii


She represents the quirky yet stable side of life … a paradox .

Her motto : ” I rarely end up where I was intending to go , but often end up somewhere that I needed to be “.

Her presence introduces humor to the plot reminding viewers that often the serious = the comical . A bird enters the scene representing this aspect of comedy when Andrea is not present . She is pregnant and moving with husband and little daughter just before birth to Hawaii and asks Tavisha ( her mother ) to come along .

” I need to bring my life to Hawaii . I need to put it in a box “. This email to her mother sparks Tavishas goodbye to Eric and Orcas Island .


Music for scenes with Andrea :

” Goodnight My Angel ” by Billy Joel … tenderness of motherhood

” Walking in the Air ” from the animated movie , ” The Snowman ” … brilliant along side the absurd


Second email sent to Tavisha before she arrives :

Mom ,

I am having a very emotional day today . So many aspects of humanity are bubbling to the surface . Remind me to share the following with you : … House rental in Honokoa

Bobs responce

Lillie Kent

Lady who is buying my house

I think there may be more .


Scene of laughter between Andrea and Tavisha as they compose letter together for rest of family :

” We’re so broke that Andrea uses the milk from my cereal bowl in her morning coffee … but we couldn’t be happier “!

” We’re so broke that we returned our $2.95 fly sweater because a flip-flop works much better … but we couldn’t be happier “!

” We’re so broke that we take the curtains off the window to use as beach blankets … but we couldn’t be happier “!

Life in paradise : ” Brushed my teeth with baby diaper ointment , thought it was ” Toms ” toothpaste !

… … … … …

The Volcano : Peles Fire represents the connection between Abu and Andrea

Abu collects the following poem dropped by baby blue samsonite  , at the airport before Tavisha boards for Kona

” The iridule , when beautiful and strange , in a bright sky above a mountain range . One opal cloud let in an oval form reflects the rainbow of a thunderstorm , which in a distant valley has been staged , for we are most artistically caged “.

… … … … …

Andreas final scene :

After the death of Tavisha we see Andrea ( Olivia in the background ) , on the verge of a tender and humorous spiritual epiphany as Abu appears ( carrying baby blue samsonite ) …and takes hold of her hand .

Closing scene : note to camera man : slow motion , bird ( chickadee ) flys from far to near and just before landing on Abu’s shoulder , turns into an eagle …Olivia sitting on the beach and Andrea smiling with tears .








Clouds … Screenplay


Character notes :

Olivia : 10 year old child who represents the mystical … She never speaks , instead we hear the narrator speaking for her . At crucial times in the plot , Olivia enters the scene .



Establishing her character :

music playing … Intermezzo from Mascagni Opera , Cavalleria Rusticana

Olivia dances alone on a stage …. note to cameraman , slow motion

Narrator : ” She is here to bear witness “. ( bells chime 3 times )  Place changes from stage to room on Orcas Island where Olivia remains thru the entire scene  slightly out of focus in a foreground corner of the frame … here enters Tavisha .

voice of narrator continues , ” Tavisha hasn’t slept , Eric took up all the air in the room . After she leaves him a shift will appear , after the blush of her own company wears off .

Note to cameraman : close – up of objects , curtains , flowers in room

” She is aware of his absence as if the lack of him moved into the room with her like a shadow hanging from the bedroom curtains at breakfast “.

” She is here to bear witness “. ( bells chime )

note to cameraman : clear focus on Olivia’s bright eyes as the scene now changes to a room in Hawaii  where a tropical breeze pushes the curtains swaying out the window . Olivia sees beyond the breakers , waves that bleed from grey to white , a white horizon where everything melts into everything else .

” She is here to bear witness “. ( bells chime )


Note to cameraman : beach scene view of Olivia from the back , watching Tavisha

” Tavisha folds Eric’s letter , wades into the surf and releases it like a paper boat . It bobs and dips , words on paper gradually taken by the current of ocean waves “.

Tavisha silently cries watching it float into the distance .

Camera close-up of Olivia’s face .

“She is here to bear witness “. ( bells chime ) Intermezzo music fades …


Personal note : the writer goes out to search for small video camera !


Clouds … continued screenplay


Scene lV : London

tender flute music from previous scene , changing to mythical music playing from a Stradivarius violin  as the camera moves starkly onto musician dressed as homeless man …




Train whistle blows while glass bottles from the pub across the street , tinkle like wind chimes and a man speaking  Arabic in the background .


Abu has been on her trail like a ley line anticipating a crossing . Tavisha carries her baby blue suitcase , the suitcase with a voice that speaks of mystery , the voice Abu longs to hear again . He watches like an eagle as she sits facing him from the corner where he stands across the lobby at Moorgate Station . A handsome form dressed in a simple robe like an urchin of the sea , his low chanting barely heard like a distant dolphin call reaching the innocent , all-knowing children he leaves long , long days with as he meets their bright eyes and smiles at them on their way in the lobby .


swaying soul music playing :

The lobby clock ( close-up ) , chimes two in the afternoon . A pair of spectacles fall and break , the sharp shattering sound of glass hitting large tiles from the quarries of Africa , echoes it sound like crashing cymbals ending a symphony . A sound that only a few in the crowd hear and take short notice as they meander thru the station , looking pensively at the train schedule in their hands .


note to cameraman : averted gazes and ambiguous gestures of partially obscured characters in this scene imbued by the camera with burnished hues and floating clouds .

piano music playing slow , one note treble , one note bass :

Abu has left his realm of mysticism and ritual to follow Tavisha and remains just one of the crowd now as he crosses the room . Over the loudspeaker comes the voice of Keith Richards singing ” The Nearness of You ” .  As Abu sits on the bench behind Tavisha , she smells a riff of vanilla and cinnamon as his long robe swirls the shiny floor rising above his leather sandals like dust from a running camels hoofs . But she is deep in remembering still and does not turn or even notice the long sigh brought forth from her baby blue samsonite at the close proximity of Abu . And with this sigh , a sheet of paper flutters loose from Tavishas notebook to the the ground where Abu , unknown to her , swiftly snatches it into his large , dark wrinkled hands , hands soft like the dew on a hibiscus flower warmed by the sun .

quirky macabre music playing :

The children see all and smile sweet again like a warm bath on a rainy morning , as they pass by Abu , ” Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing ” , he whispers . The words on the paper sing their clue to the ancient secret keeper as he slides it carefully under the linen folds of his linen robe , baby blue samsonite still sighing .

meloncholy music interlude :



A vision suddenly appears to Tavisha of a room once lived in and a sleeping ing boy she does not know but looks familiar . A vision masterpiece impregnates her as a man in the bar across the street is heard saying , “Let’s drink bourbon and listen to Bessie Smith “.

camera moves over to corner where Abu originally stood … a new character is revealed … A little girl stands here now , look ! , it is Olivia attaching cut-out paper wings to her ankles . We only catch a glimpse of her world as if seen thru a moving series thru a narrow slat in the door .


Camera close-up of the words on the captured paper

music playing , ” When a man Loves a woman ” , sung by Percy Sledge

A Room Now Gone


the moons shadow

upon my heart

sleepless tonight

preparing to depart .

the soft sadness

in your brown eyes

a cry of naked thoughts

in my secret heart .

could you hear them

in all that is silent between us .


your eyes met mine

you in the other room

and me in the kitchen

awareness sharp

a slow smile tender like an offering .

i wished you peace at the door

saw Jesus with his purple robe

and felt wings grow

upon my sun-burnt shoulders

in my secret life .


will I come back

from where I’ve been ?

the moons shadow

upon my radiant heart

makes me want to cry

a room now gone

a life listening

in my secret heart .


Tavisha , 2011



Men are grouped together like a Cezanne painting , on the platform as the loudspeaker announces , ” The Empire Builder , leaving from platform number eight ” . The oncoming train rumbles , whistle blows and playing music loudly is a symphony of guitars and harmonicas as Abu slowly walks in front of the camera , following Tavisha and her sighing suitcase .








Scene 1 : London

lyrical orchestra music playing :

It is the first month of the modern year 2012 and the darkness on the street has a voice . Remembering the timeline of the momentous year that has just preceded , Tavisha sits in the Moorgate Station with her back to us , hypnotic like the pyramids , the light from the lobby window near her but not shining on her , reading these lines from her diary :

We are away from each other

I left you on your island a long time ago

to find my wilderness .

I found these woods so beautiful and strange

Thoughts of you above a mountain range .


Abu , the secret keeper , stands across the noisy room like a sphinx , a holy sphinx .

a cigarette lighter clicks

She remembers … The beauty of the Golden Ratio and the paintings of da Vinci had sparked her brain into unforeseen activity which caused her heart to beat like the rolling crash of breaking waves along the mighty Pacific shore where she found herself acknowledging her aloneness , by choice , to be without her lover . She left him early that June morning long before the sun rose , with no kiss from the night before … the night before …

Tender piano music playing :


Scene 11 Pacific Northwest Island

Eric opens the door and comes slowly upon her in all his handsomeness to discover the clothes she wore , that he always loved , heaped in a pile as if the northern wind had gotten ahold of them , her yellow dress of joy , green boots , coat too large , black bra , and her box of petals and poems abandoned in the corner .


She sits on the floor under the red lantern hanging , the one he had bought for her for their freshly painted , deepest blue mural bedroom of swirling angels and nebulas clouds with eyes looking upon them in sleep on their bed spun with silk , in the center of the room .

Verdi Requim Mass playing :

” I need to be free ” , is all she says , and he can bear to wait only a moment in the silence of that painted sky where Orion reflects eternity , for her to say more , but she doesn’t .

Haunting solo brass music playing :

And in the changing of the room the silken threads transform into beams of sun and she smiles , smiles tenderly to him even with her hurting heart . She stands now … stands with her long narrow back straight , stands and stares at her arm where moles like spots on a leopard leap into the black of his eyes .


Later , months later , the black ink of his letter tells her in poetry the depressing hold his not yet divorced wife had over him causing him to run to her like a migration , that day of the ” last goodbye ” , in total dependency and telling her everything that was sacred like the flute of Krishna , between him and Tavisha …

Intense chorale music playing :

A new woman enters the scene from a foreign land and offers Eric a kiss … a kiss of promise , a kiss from a goddess , a kiss new again . A bold kiss that says , ” life is long “.

Scene 111: Hawaii


Triumphant brass music with percussion playing :

A celebration erupts from the beach like the golden blaze from the volcano as the beautiful young mother , instilled with eyes of sparkling life like champagne uncorked , bravely and with skin aglow , guides her surfboard , catching her first wave in triumph while her baby boy in Tavishas arms , cries out in astonishment as if it were the end of the world , at all the vibrant sounds of jubilation coming from the edge of the ocean .


Now look what is seen : Above the turquoise sea where the sky is in everyone’s hair and “life delights in life ” , the clouds float gently by from those Orcas blue bedroom walls …

Lyrical wind instruments playing :


I was with you for awhile

long nights of winter beauty

I felt the breeze at dawn with you

heard secrets vast and vexing .

The sky remained thru empty branches

the morning sang of love.

Do not go back to sleep now , love even as I go.

Two worlds have touched and shimmered thru us

a cloak of silver strands .


We were young and died together

the storyteller told me ,

wrapped in robes of flowing red

a Spanish war upon us .

I wondered why we looked alike

in hands and feet and bodies warm .

I loved you then and always have

a river reaching for it’s kingdom

keeps me close to only you .


I held you for awhile this time

a courageous warrior once

so wondrously familiar .

But a storm within , bids me go

A fierce embrace takes hold of me

where even the gods speak of God

and where the door is round and open .


I was with you for awhile

with wings of savage beauty

I could not keep you then or now

your river raging thru me .


May 29 , 2011


Tender flute music playing :

As Abu walks slowly by …