Cave by the Sea


A piano , white playing in the pavilion

You take me luminous

A dance of digging abduction

into the cave

tunneled window of complexion

a chateau under Cemetary Roads

embroidered dress of loves cremation .


Burning , no goodbye in your eyes atmospheric

You lift me , a doves flight

a wind entangled frock , ecclesiastical

into the cave

with limbs and mouth ethereal

holy legends identical

flying thru the sky of Immanuel .


Boats to build a shrine my prince

floating on River Hermitage

from the void my first time

tender keys of ivory

I haven’t left your bed since . . .


Credits : Light photo by Laura Sielaff … White Flower by Leanne Cole Photography … White wing from PhotoAllegory of Sarolta Ban … ( I apologize for not knowing the artist who took the beautiful opening photo )

for you Dan . . .