” Adioses ” by Pablo Neruda

IMG_0962Goodbye , goodbye , to one place or another ,

to every mouth , to every sorrow ,

to the insolent moon , to weeks

which wound in the days and disappeared ,

goodbye to this voice and that one stained

with amaranth , and goodbye

to the usual bed and plate ,

to the twilit setting of all goodbyes ,

to the chair that is part of the same twilight

to the way made by my shoes .


I spread myself , no question ;

i turned over whole lives ,

changed skin , lamps , and hates ,

it was something I had to do ,

not by law or whim ,

more of a chain reaction ;

each new journey enchained me ;

I took pleasure in places , in all places .


And , newly arrived , I promptly said  goodbye

with still newborn tenderness

as if the bread were to open and suddenly

flee from the world of the table .

So I left behind all languages ,

repeated goodbyes like an old door ,

changed cinemas , reasons and tombs ,

left everywhere for somewhere else ;

I went on being , and being always

half undone with joy ,

a bridegroom among sadnesses ,

never knowing how or when ,

ready to return , never returning .


It’s well known that he who returns never left ,

so I traced and retraced my life ,

changing clothes and planets ,

growing use to the company ,

to the great whirl of exile ,

to the great solitude of bells tolling .


10 thoughts on “” Adioses ” by Pablo Neruda

  1. I deeply enjoyed voyaging with your words, Meg, navigating through philosophical waters while taking in the panoramic views from the bridge, of regions and people passing by in kaleidoscopic artistry. All thanks to you the artist…🤗


  2. Hello beautiful!! Wow…did I ever walk with you in this journey. I particularly liked “It’s well known that he who returns never left, so I traced and retraced my life” and it made me think about all the times I tried to ‘leave’ and now I realize I never did. And I think that is a good thing.
    Much love…much peace…and much knowing to you…DEAR SOUL!! ❤

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  3. Like a mournful call of a bird at night waiting, as I feel your heart–longing; yet aware of the loss of past times.The rising of the Sun and you sense turning back as I embrace in my heart–Hope.


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