The Glory in You


the ermine shiver

a page ripped out

a passage cries to quiver

anointing poems , a frozen room

this grey land storms a labor pain

the puddle , the bellies lake

does blackness wane

upon an empty beds membrane.

the night frock flees

this in between

the spider crawls into the snow

the crow suspends , the fish lay low

blood stalks the stars

and Venus reigns

a dream that drips does not touch down

a dream where wings salute the air

to spill the scent of sweet champagne

she walks the wire a forsaken domain.


Photo credit : Janet L. Doane

her hair hangs ore the river

her hair hangs ore bare skin

her hair an adoration

her hair tormenting worlds


the great whale dead and bloated

ice screams from broken bone

Hail Mary full of grace

the river smells of outer space .

40 thoughts on “The Glory in You

    1. Thankyou so much Ellen
      I haven’t posted for awhile …. the photograph of the branch encased in ice was taken by my friend Janet Doane ( I can’t seem to go back and edit to give her credit at the end like I usually do )
      Sending love and gratefulness for your lovely presence Ellen ….( your recent watercolors are so calmingly lovely and relevant.)


  1. It is a highly metaphorical poem … with dark but revealing descriptions.
    The ending is eloquent. It seems that the woman enters the void: an inexhaustible place, a limited confinement surrounded by infinite wires. Excellent dear Meg… Sending love & best wishes! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Dear Aquileana
      Your sentiment and the beauty of it , touches me because I know you see my words thru your open and pure heart …thank you , it is a high comment to make and you are so generous to take the time …I haven’t been posting these past two months but this poem jumped out so quickly from the “bleak mid winter ” where I live . I return your love with gladness ….🙏🏽❤🙏🏽

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  2. Loaded with black images, Meg, with the harpooned whale bringing the recent mass stranding of whales off New Zealand coast into disturbing focus. To me, even the visual of ice wrapped around a twig in frozen whiteness outlined the form of a fish, as if in silent emphasis of the whale image. The video clip of dancers grouping into elegant forms affords soothing relief.

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    1. Dear Raj
      I too was so disturbed with the plight of those whales . In writing this poem , their song came to me with other images so quickly, Janet’s photo was a strong inspiration too …I give glory to Divine Earth for its voice within each of us , the creative force that moves within us all whether acknowledged or unaware …it resides . Thank you Raj for being in this life with me …your presence is so beautiful and meaningful .
      Sending love 🙏🏽❤🙏🏽
      (… and yes to your thoughts on the music video )

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  3. So lovely to see you reemerge and with such intrigue, beautiful one. Your words resurrect winter’s end. The slow recession of cold and dark. The apprehension of vulnerable Earth once again exposed to the light.

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    1. ” in the bleak mid winter ” …..happenings mysterious in personal ways and too everywhere on Planet Earth …Hi Julie ! Your encouragement truly helps me continue on not only a creative path but a spiritual song too . Michigan is loud in the quiet of this strange winter of 2017 . I know that you understand this too and I love you for your open heart and am so grateful for our unusual friendship …it really matters to me dear one .
      Sending love always 🙏🏽❤🙏🏽


  4. As Mark says, you’ve captured some stunningly evocative imagery in this work, Meg; this caught me particularly: “the spider crawls into the snow”. The incongruity of that image renders it all the more powerful to me, somehow. Anyway, many congratulations on such a vivid and tensioned piece. H ❤

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    1. My dear friend Hariod …( the first person to follow me )
      Thank you so much for staying with me in my writings … when you appear my heart leaps with not only gratefulness, but with joy . Your style of writing , so different than mine , and the ways you experience life across the Atlantic Ocean expands the way I think and always opens my heart into a sense of wonder , challenging my mind too….I’m so grateful Hariod , and humbled
      Sending love always
      🙏🏽❤🙏🏽. ( remember when I didn’t even know how to send a heart ???)

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  5. 🙂 A wonderful post. The way your words frame that photograph! “Hail Mary full of grace
    the river smells of outer space .” I just thought of Mary in a La Audacia de Aquiles post. For me, my blog reading has been a bit seamless today…. ❤ Air 🙂 Also enjoying listening to them for I haven't in a while. You remind me of a part of me. lol. dear Meg…… ❤ A wonderful day to you…. Gorgeous ice and bone. The gentleness remains (and "Venus reigns"). Ka

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  6. I’m honored to have my photo be a part of your story – thank you so much. Your poem captures the feeling of profound change, that place where opposites are still held tight in their juxtapositiong, the efforts of emergence, and then these ecstatic, beautiful lines… a dream where wings salute the air…to spill the scent of sweet champagne. This time of year as winter finally yields to springs soft touch, and life is renewed, coming back from the long slumber, or even the dead, as we are reborn anew. Much love, Meg, always, always. ❤

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    1. Dear Diana ….I’ve been away for awhile and so very sorry I didn’t respond earlier to your thoughtful and kind comment ….thank you for your lovely blessings in being here with me ….love , meg❤️

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  7. I love as ever your images and the felt realities of soul and sky that root in them. Each line merits a pause for me. There is an invitation to listen with closed eyes to what is all around me, and to taste it anew. When I read your work I remember the land is suffused with powers and glory, and in the simplest things we see this.

    Much Love

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    1. Hi Michael
      I’m not sure just where I am lately but I am sorry I didn’t respond to your kindness and love earlier ….I think often of all you have written on your blog , always intense and lovely and with deep meaning . You and the others here travel with me and I am blessed with your company along the way , even now feeling rather alone …..

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  8. A deep lament of all that lives and dies within nature..
    A poignant poem with so many visuals within your words. The images you used excellent..

    Sending Love your way Meg.. Your heart I know bleeds for so many..
    And many more yet to come..

    Love and Blessings my friend..
    Sue ❤ xxx

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    1. Hi Sue
      I’m so sorry that I didn’t respond earlier …I haven’t been posting for awhile and having some struggle knowing just where it is I’m going ….but I do know that the love of friends here shines and reaches even when we don’t write ….I think of you . ❤️

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      1. Bless you Meg.. I did visit your blog the other day, so you must have picked up on my thoughts Lol.. but saw no new posts from the last time I commented.. Life dear Meg has to be lived and I totally get it that Blog Land is not always on top of our lists.. Some weeks its way down mine also.. So take care of YOU my friend… that is the important thing.. Love and Hugs.. Sue xxx

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