I loved holding your hand

what piece of that is you ?

there , a white horse loose

and hit by a car on Paradise Road

its a curious land

God allows .

do you recognize me

the red spruce , the snow goose laying in lake sand

the turntable now

an alleluia instrument

sounding swallows to reproduce

and me to the dance band sway .


Who is that boy

who is he that proclaims

I need to feed my girl ,

not you .

the sky is pushed so far away

is there anything saved for me ?

great fog in our upper peninsula settles down

the snow land to arouse

the symphony of crying voices vows

a cracking chord

ice lies over the Crystal River

love insane a disarray in unison on my brows .


I loved holding your hand

until it held me down

and I emerged a white peacock

no more tomb in the middle of my bedroom .


24 thoughts on “White

    1. Hi Hariod ! …it is a sweet joy when I see your words , always ! And I hope you feel my love as I feel yours with such encouragement to continue on with our craft ….even thru lost love there is freedom of artistry and choice that has the ability to connect with those we never even are in the physical presence of …. touching the spirit of being human yet divine . Yes , a great mystery ! …sending peace , love and a big hug too

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      1. It snows in the northern states of India such as Himachal Pradesh, Ladhak and Kashmir. Not in my home state of Kerala, which is a coastal belt with a lot of sea, rivers and sunshine all the year round…

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    1. Julie , hi ! The land is covered in snow …and yes , just before dusk yesterday I discovered a dirt road that ended with a path thru the woods where I came upon a birch tree fallen creating a bridge across a most clear stream ( today I found out it’s called Shetland creek ) ….and a doe was drinking there and further on I saw an ermine and I gathered branches and made a Christmas wreath …I thought of you’re sweet bunny rabbit there and the beauty of “our ” Michigan pines for you too ….sending love and the lands glorious beauty and mystery of which you know so well ….💜


  1. I am reveling in the sensations your word images evoke, Meg. I was clapped numb by “the curious land God allows” and the “alleluia instrument.” As ever you weave the natural world in and around the inner world so I don’t know which I’m seeing by the end. I only know the color white I found was holy, and alive. An alabaster glory.

    Peace and Love, my friend–

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    1. ” clapped numb ” ….wow , my friend ! I am so humbled ….and filled with peace and longing too to hold the “white” in my hand and pass it on to the next one that reaches out ….your kindness Michael has mattered in different ways onto the journey we travel , and I stop to rest often in your beautiful , spiritual words you not only write on your posts but so lyrically express on mine …may this season bring you everything you long for ….love , meg

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