rare things are growing

the moon is moving , shalom

fly the burning flag of freedom

do you know what it’s like

to be almost swallowed home ?


he pours the tea

gold sugar , emotional weight

unfurls her hair

upon dew shoulders , a soul

scratching in the still and quiet

she is scared

and not scared

an amateur actress standing bare

first on center stage fore square.


” Mary did you know ”

you have a regal stance ?

all mutate in your presence

the camera clicks

she turns her head

and when she sees she does transfix

her human vanishes

the bleak cold winter

a bountiful banquet

shattering dry in the rain debris.


Mary don’t dye your hair

wanting to change your wild esprit

I too am thirsty seeing you there

the moon is moving the tall pine tree

over passing Traverse Bay

glory joins utopian pupils

the lake of her eyes my northern stay .


a spaceship jolts

Issa is here and

he is calling for you

Mary , do you know what it’s like

to be swallowed home ?

I am scared

and not scared for you alone .




I loved holding your hand

what piece of that is you ?

there , a white horse loose

and hit by a car on Paradise Road

its a curious land

God allows .

do you recognize me

the red spruce , the snow goose laying in lake sand

the turntable now

an alleluia instrument

sounding swallows to reproduce

and me to the dance band sway .


Who is that boy

who is he that proclaims

I need to feed my girl ,

not you .

the sky is pushed so far away

is there anything saved for me ?

great fog in our upper peninsula settles down

the snow land to arouse

the symphony of crying voices vows

a cracking chord

ice lies over the Crystal River

love insane a disarray in unison on my brows .


I loved holding your hand

until it held me down

and I emerged a white peacock

no more tomb in the middle of my bedroom .