They Meet October



there sways a hammock on Orcas Isle

yet shall she go towards Manitou

she moves upon a passage kissed

suspending ore the northwest sea

resting rains of pale pollution

to change the clouds of milky water

to hear the heron landing

to bend the limb from sky

a borderless world exists

a daybreak smell persists .


we are here now

truth turning feral in flight

where bird eggs roll

to smash on cliffs felt far below , a revolution

her wound a souls disaster

cracks at the feathered moment seen

his pupils naked thru the clothes of mist

a nest of sap flowing blood in substitution

ore the cobalt sea

a borderless world exists

a daybreak smell persists .


there stands a doe

the deer of Mount Constitution

the ravens Β caw giving words to sky in echoed elocution

and from under forests debris

infant squirrels twist

a heart huddles

how she reaches

his thighs , his belly

how she reaches , he stares

the sky now jealous of his eyes

will he shoot the sheltered deer

if a borderless world exists

if a daybreak smell persists .


there sways a hammock on Orcas Isle

but will she sail to Manitou , alone upon

her land of blue , beloved blue

her land of blue .


29 thoughts on “They Meet October

    1. Your presence is always a blessing Chris , thank you ..
      About that photo , this is my favorite beach along Lake Michigan where I went before leaving to Orcas Island …I had been here just a week before and made an altarpiece of stone and driftwood so I was awed that this is how nature left it , those stones balanced even though I could see the waves had risen …and in the distance is Manitou passage of which I write .

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  1. Your images are always haunting, Meg. I felt myself there, in the borderless world, where we wonder what will be so… even as it arises all around us, reflections in the cobalt sea…


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