Poem for my soldier


decades three times gone by with tides descent

silvers sliver

mark liquid light upon her skin so white

the warriors sword cuts gold the blues deep sleep

a memory weeping

nocturnals curse a fragile stain

at choirs of gulls positioning

Shakespeare’s lover listening

I love you her breath glistening

there it is he said , there it is .


her body multiplied

mirrors of eternity that wouldn’t die

began that summer in the Falklands burning

the footlocker laying still , laying long

medals looking from the wall

the soldier and his conquest quickening

pictures of her there inside unfolding in their christening

anywhere with you , anywhere with you

I love you her breath glistening

there it is he said , there it is .


29 thoughts on “Poem for my soldier

  1. So good to see you back just as I am about to step out the door on a journey. Your words resonate, dear Meg, and stir something so very familiar. Gold piercing blue. There it is. There it is. It’s a gift to have loved so profoundly.

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    1. Julie , my deer companion from the northern woods ….you are a gift too and I am awed by this as my heart continues to feel the blessing of you …may you be safe and find wonder on your next journey too ….I go with you in spirit and thankfulness for your special friendship …love , megxxx


  2. The telling visuals of bare body and waters receding through fractured shoreline is almost like a bleeding memory of an unhealed wound. Your lyrical outpouring, Meg, depicts the pathos with deep sensitivity.

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  3. Hello Meg,

    The echoes of light in the first image were haunting I felt, and your words subtle and beautiful as always. So layered with dancing tones. I felt the great quantities of light that gather along our every human boundary, and spill over into view whenever we truly meet– whenever heart greets heart with knowledge, and thought meets thought in the presence of wonder. There is always a gentle light gathering here.

    Peace and Love

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    1. Your comment so thoughtfully beautiful dear friend …thank you for the eyes and heart you so generously and poetically share , always inspiring my love to embrace Life more deeply and to continue expressing who I am as a human …love , megxxx

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  4. This is so beautiful … and a close topic to me as well as the Falklands were argentinian once and there was a very sad war during the early ´80´s and Great Britain won. The Falklands are still named Islas Malvinas for us, despite it all…
    Your poem is beautiful and such a touching tribute, dear Meg… thanks so much for sharing!. Love & best wishes. Aquileana 🙂

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    1. Dear dear Aquileana
      Islas Malvinas , how beautiful ! I’m so sorry I didn’t respond earlier …I didn’t know you are Argentinian, and to have touched upon something as deep as your heritage , well , it touches the depth of my heart and I feel so honored to know you this way …thank you my friend , for all the beauty you are ….
      love and blessings , megxxx

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  5. Hi Dearest Meg… Its been a while since I caught up with you my friend..
    This was indeed a beautiful lament that was very touching

    “her body multiplied mirrors of eternity that wouldn’t die”

    Understanding we are all but fragments of the same glass and seeing we are all of us but holograms of the other..
    A tiny piece or a large piece forever held within the heart of love..

    Beautiful Meg.. ❤ xxx

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    1. Dear sue , my lovely friend
      Sorry this response to your thoughtful and beautiful comment is so late in returning …life is held together within love isn’t it . Thank you so much for your acknowledgement of this …love and hugs always 💜

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