Aria of the Lake


There goes myself along Lake Michigan

naked back walking before me

there goes an uprising

a piling of stones so sorrowful

a ritual of calm tumbling

gusting god out of our heads .


There goes the sky

compressed into a moment

there goes an uprising , a murder

a bewilderment , bewitching

the sound of sunrise

of which nothing can be said

and when this happens

there goes poison in the forests

and all those hiding

want to escape the immense of this world.


She sleeps in the cinema of muck

the trauma of stones rebellion

haunting the howls strangling

off the South Manatou Island .

it is everything at the same time

in the same place

trembling from a tiny hand opening .


There goes myself along the shoreline

the Great North Lake my courier

naked back walking before me

no mirror needed

brown nipples uncensored

lustful flight voluptuous

the souls , our flesh drowning

the beauty is blinding .


There goes the Sandhill crane

over Pyramid Point

writing the ending first where

tonight at dusk

the moon will lay in our arms

the moon will lay in our arms .






37 thoughts on “Aria of the Lake

  1. I vote for you to be named “Poet in Residence” of The Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore”!! Of course, someone has to create that position first . . . ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Beautiful Meg! There is a mixture of sadness, nostalgia and peace which leaves a feeling of someone having attained balance after a series of events that have marked her. Your words flow beautifully. Love. G

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    1. Dear beautiful one ! Geetha , thankyou … I’ve not been to my site in a long time or been to visit my friends postings …I’ve missed reading your glorious poetry ( I will soon ) love and blessings , megxxx

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  3. To borrow your own words, Meg, your lines assail the senses with a beauty that is blinding, aria of the lake that is enchanting, the bliss of an anatomy wrapped around by azure blue of the sky, silkiness of the waters and earth’s luscious brown, accompanied by brass tones with piano interpolations to create ripples of delight. May I salute the artist in you…

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    1. Dear my friend Raj …your comment is what is “enchanting” ….thank you , I’m so sorry it comes this late ( I haven’t been to my site since posting ” Aria ” …I miss my friends here and miss reading your wonderful writings …I will visit soon … and blessings , megxxx


  4. This is so beautiful, Meg. Wow. Those moments. Carefree, sad, strong, meaningful, intense, caring and a little dreamy. Love it.

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    1. Dear Mary ….thank you my friend for your kind comment …I’m so sorry I haven’t responded till now ! ( I’ve been gone a long time ) …I will visit you soon as I miss reading from your beautiful site ….love , megxxx


    1. Awwwwww Hariod …I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to your loving comment here ! I’ve just been gone to a different place lately …I’ve missed my friends and realize after my absence that you are missing from me and I will visit you soon ….always grateful for you with love , megxxx

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  5. Falling Rain on your love, those great northern waters, slow tidal dreams wake on your roving days, backwards to this weather, tangled up in your history’s skin, in those places where lake breezes dance within the sands at morning and evening, wandering the Rover…

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    1. Sean ! Such a beautiful response of which I am so grateful to you for ….I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to say so ( I’ve not been here since I posted ” Aria ” ….I will visit you soon ….love , megxxx

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  6. Yes Life gets intense, as the world presses us ever closer to the shore line.. As we run wanting to escape even our thoughts..
    Your poem a reminder that many souls are drowning.. Loved the photo’s too Meg.. Love to you my friend
    Warm Hugs
    Sue โค

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    1. Awww Sue …you are always so encouraging with your kind and insightful comments …I’m so sorry I haven’t responded for a long time ( I’ve been to a far away place within ) . You are missing from me and I will visit my friend ( you ) soon ….hugs and love Sue , megxxx

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      1. Meg know you I know you are there.. And no worries about responding, Life, living and healing come first.. So know you are loved.. and pace yourself to what feels right when you are ready my friend..
        Love to you Sue โค โค

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    1. Jo , you are dear …thank you for always being here …I’m sorry my gratefulness is coming so late …I haven’t been on WordPress since writing ” Aria ” …I will visit your beautiful site soon …love , megxxx


      1. I know and I understand, Meg. There’s no hurry at all. I’m off to Edinburgh for a couple of days tomorrow and back to the Algarve at the end of the month. Take care of yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Dear dear Lorrie ….your caring and giving heart always touches me and I am so sorry that my gratefulness has been such a long time coming ….I am missing you and will visit your glorious site soon ( I’ve been so far away ) …thank you my sweet friend , love and blessings , megxxx


      1. Oh, Meg!! Time does not matter…and I have not visited you in a great while either!! I’m worried about how you said that you have been so far away …I send you so much love…and beautiful white healing energy. Know that you are never alone and that any time you need an ear…please, please, please reach out to me!! I am a good listener โ™ก (You can email me from my contact page)
        I am in a bit of a transition as well…many things have happened this year that if they had happened even just last year I don’t think I would have been as equipped to handle them. The joy in my life right now is knowing that there is a place in my soul that I can go to, and once there, I can handle life’s troubles. Much love โ™กโ™กโ™ก

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    1. Oh Esme so dear ….thank you ( I’m so sorry this is written so late ) I haven’t been here for awhile ( been feeling far far away ) … I want to see your sand castles again and will fly by soon ….love to you my amazing friend , megxxx

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