the everywhere

the moment somewhere

when nightshade laid its

iris black

my lonely figure


in loud serenade .


the everywhere

oozing blisters

upon sore feet

deserts old from clouded heart

bleached bones stark

from faces brocade

the everywhere startling

almost afraid .


the everywhere

black shadows

of celestial beings

flower and fly

whose eyes wide open

have their silence

an endangered species

the iris nigricans .


the everywhere

blooming from stream side

meadow , forest margin

the everywhere

sky becoming lake

the everywhere

black snakes with no limbs

swarm into soft luscious wounds

the everywhere

the nightshade of the earth I ate

the everywhere

the black mole on my face displayed

and the fragrance , an oasis

that one night

when tulips

they died so beautifully

the everywhere

the everywhere

my son beloved everywhere .


the everywhere

of nightshade

the poets weep , the sheep graze

next to uncovered embalmed corpse

the everywhere

bodies a thousand with eyes

the everywhere

blue iris like lightning

open to the sun

the everywhere

music calling music

the everywhere

spectral tenderness

beautiful , beautiful

and beautiful again

something more than human

the everywhere here laid

the everywhere .


For my son ….


39 thoughts on “Lament

  1. Hi Meg,

    Some people develop edges when life’s inscrutable fate unfolds around them. They become barbed. They shrink back in the pain of it. And others, like yourself, show us how to succumb to something beautiful. There is a courage and a holiness in the way you are melted into your lament, the way it enters you as a legless black snake, and emerges as a cloud of white-winged doves, as a hillside of innocent lambs…

    Peace and Love

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    1. Your soul , Michael , your soul like ” a hillside of innocent lambs ” , your heart so caring , your being reaching the quiet sound of our outpouring of words …thankyou from the deep oceans we all are ….love

      Liked by 2 people

  2. A mother’s lament so evocative in its heart-wrenching and soul-stirring effect, where grief ascends to celestial heights, so poignantly depicted in your words and images. I am reminded of Shelley’s ‘I fall upon the thorns of life, I bleed’ as I share the poignancy of your grief, Meg. My warmest thoughts and hugs your way, dear one….


    1. Dear Raj , my friend , ” I fall upon the thorns of life , I bleed ” ….thank you , your compassion for the sadness in our lives transcends into beauty , thankyou dear man …

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    1. Your dear heart Julie , walks in the mystery of the forest with me , 2 doe with spotted fawns ….I’ve been so filled with a quiet watching for the rising sun …love you


    1. I feel so quiet Van …a heart in revolution , I have only words to write . The bell chimes only on the 11th hour ( the time of my birth ) , never reaching midnight as I wait and watch , mysterious to me too .
      Thank you dear friend ( you have been with me from almost the beginning here ) thank you always for your loving presence … I feel it .

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  3. Beautiful poem… the everywhere entails the cadence, the frenzy and yet subtle juxtaposition…

    The enumeration seems to be a projection towards infinity… towards a timeless convergence point.

    Sending love and appreciation, dear Meg. Aquileana 🔆.-

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  4. Your soul laments as only a Mother’s heart can.. Yet EVERYWHERE is the essence of all you are and have been. For in Everything we reside, we are not gone, only from sight. We who See know too your Son sees, and feels your love Everywhere!..May your heart heal as the petals unfold from their dark centre.. Knowing that at the core is Life eternal..
    Your poem dear Meg so touched my heart.. and the artwork was perfection..

    Love and Blessings my sister xxx ❤

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