Beyond Deception Passage


Farewell until February my dear blogging family . A journey from the northern Great Lake Michigan to the far Pacific coast is calling me into new territories of poetry and song , of order and chaos , mystery and redemption and always love .


24 thoughts on “Beyond Deception Passage

  1. Have a safe Journey Meg.. Love and Blessings my friend and I am sure you will be inspired within your travels.. And I will soon be transported into some magical space where your heart opens to the Love you share…
    All the very best in your travels.. Love Sue ❤

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    1. Hi Ellen , I’m sorry I didn’t see this and respond with a thank you before I left …I hope you are well and being creative not only with your writing but also with your glorious painting ….much love , megxxx

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      1. Dear Ellen …so sorry to hear of your husbands illness …may you find strength and hope and blessings …thank you for sharing with me , I understand the challenges as I too am going forward into change ….love always my sister , meg

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  2. Island daze and stormy nights, looking out there among the straits and bays, where tides they ebb and flow their tunes, in musics rising on a kissing Winter’s gale, where the short grass is green and sweet, a distant place born of dreams and driftwood, enchanted by each hearts arrival, each hearts dance.

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