For Shimon


And the winters are so many

and the winters are not so many

and everything feels so close to me

the Caspian Sea

the skeleton dress

the man with turban pastel

everything feels so close to me

and somebody’s on the moon as well .


And I hear your name

and I hear my name

over the loudspeaker

with a million others

white sleeping tents so many

the dreams singing , all yelling to dispel

the unexpected questions

bewilderment to foretell.


And it’s written over the land

and it’s written on a neon sign

and the fish make rainbows

and bodies scatter Jerusalem

dead , dead and soft like brown mangoes ripe

and children shoot machine guns killing the gazelle

and the winters are so many .


And into the Hall of Extinction

and into the Ship of Imagination

and into frozen lakes of Titan to dwell

where my mother is dead

and everything feels so close to me

all the fields so soft and green

and God , God a trilobite with three eyes

watching the ground swell .


And who was I

and who were you

and no one wants to give it up

and everything feels so close to me

and the winters , the winters , they are so many .


Credits :

Inspired by ShimonZ at

Outlook – Sara Wickenheiser Photography

Snow – Dale De Vries Photography

Running – Aela Labbe Photographies

40 thoughts on “For Shimon

  1. Wow….. I love the feeling of this, and hate the feeling at the same time, because I know that sense of things all feeling too close. Smothering, suffocating and no end in sight. Great piece, my friend. You stir a kettle of feeling that I would come to dine on again and again.

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    1. Noelle …thank you so much for being here , you’ve been with me for a long time and your presence , thoughts and encouragement have contributed in such a beautiful way to my growth as a writer … love , megxxx

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  2. I liked a lot your poem and photos. I liked the oppositions as:
    “everything feels so close to me and somebody’s on the moon as well”.

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    1. Thank you Chris …I don’t want to write just pretty poems anymore …I don’t know just what is happening with me but you and other writers here have influenced me deeply …and I feel crying words in my heart …to realize that a mans life in Jerusalem , different than mine , yet able to feel his disappointment , sadness and anger …touches me from across cultures and history from his written words on WordPress , well , I’m perplexed …and aware of something divine …I am moved by your choice of ” disturbed ” , truly ….love , megxxx

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  3. Thank you so much for thinking of me, Meg. The poem has a lot of imagery, that will keep me humming it for a while; far and near, pressed and pushed… it is so much better when there is affinity that accompanies the touch.

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  4. There is a feeling of such love that overwhelms and at the same time going throughout the poem a feeling of deep despair. I feel the first picture goes so well with the feelings that go throughout the poem, the ebb and flow of emotions between positive emotions and negative ones. I was struck by the words and the winters are so many, especially because in the beginning you also say and the winters are not so many. One feels that slowly the winters build up, as if the sadness has started building up, things that should not have happened that happen that add to the growing feeling of cold, of loss. The feeling of loss is heightened by frozen lakes…where my mother is dead… no one wants to give it up… A very profound and complex write. I really enjoyed it and might visit it again for a while because I feel it has so much yet to tell. Wonderful write my dearest Meg. Much love to you

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  5. You bring a sense of time through aeons passed down many life times searching… The Halls of Extinction echoing the sound of unheard cries..

    Always love my ventures into your imagination dear Meg… you take me to a land I long forgot.. and yet remember so well…….. xxx ❤

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  6. Your use of repetition really adds power to your message here, Meg! There are so many winters and so many opportunities for us to grow together… and yet with guns people tear apart those connections… Your poems serves as a good reminder to unit together in peace. HUGS

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  7. Your imagery is unmatched Meg! The photography is amazing, and I am not talking about my image! Very nice post! I haven’t seen a good image of a trilobite for many years! Take Care, Dale

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  8. Meg, your words and carefully selected images have a way of producing a feel to things that is at once unique and familiar. We only know that we’ve come into contact with something majestic, though it defies a particular grasp. Because of that, we know of its richness. I love here the way you blur sweetness and melancholy into something that we realize must have always existed, before the two set out on their own. Delicate and stirring, this was!


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    1. Michael , Shimons postings from Jerusalem stirred me into a shift of something I’m awed with , afraid of even and I can’t really grasp it entirely either…please read my response to Chris above …and Michael , your poetry has caused a soulful shift in me too , inspired me to find my true voice , and once aware of that voice , to not hold it back …where does it all come from ?
      I am always so grateful for you …love , megxxx

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  9. Many winters within a winter. The mind draws in upon itself, sensations of the past re-emerge, intense and visionary. Be warm and well, dear Meg.

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    1. Julie …it is your beautiful compassionate heart and expressions here and in all your writings that bring the gift of warmth …Thankyou my “deer” friend , love and hugs , megxxx


  10. This moves like the sea, like the wind across a meadow; the swaying circle that is time, and life. Dark, and light. The video is as much a part of it as the words and pictures, rather than an accompaniment too. *smiles* ❤ x

    – esme upon the Cloud

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  11. Wow…Meg!! There is such a clear…beautiful connection of love expressed here. You stated above that you are not sure what is happening to you…I AM!! You are being moved by spirit, plucking strings to your heart….and you are allowing that to express through words that are at once lovely yet haunting! Powerful, dear friend, powerful!! ♡♡♡


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