Silent Night ( when the violin prayed )


On my way home

he was standing there

at the edge of the room

of vision lore

a great mysterious appearing door

not known to exist before .

I shut my eyes tight

the sun struck the sepia shore

life held so safely

by curtains of doves

fluttering above

like echoes ” this is all for you ” more .


Her feet he held

bared on the quiet site

upon placed winged slippers of white

she was paralyzed, no sound

God , are you watching what we do ?

the graveyard appeared by a stream

the dragonfly skimming blue wings

ripples moved the shocked world

in weavings calm

and her feet left the ground

He was standing there

at the edge of the room

on my way home.


The light was naked , neon

the taste  , blood pudding

the smell of sugarcane and mud

the dilemma of drums

a forest filled with sleeping bugs .

He stood there

at the edge of the room

on my way home .

54 thoughts on “Silent Night ( when the violin prayed )

  1. your poetry is ethereal, like a midnight swim in the middle of the ocean, and that song, wow, goosefuckingbumps
    love you
    wising you a Happy Holiday
    thanks for making me cry with that version
    Chrissy x

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    1. Awwwww Chrissy ! I love you too . I’m so happy for you as I know you have a book of poetry just published …yours so extremely sublime . Did you know how much you inspire me ? I feel so blessed knowing you …love always , megxxx
      Chrissy …I was definitely thinking of you when I discovered and posted that video …happy holidays my dear beautiful friend

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  2. What a beautiful and curious piece. You have a way of writing that gives just enough to pull the reader in more and more, but leaves us open enough to add our own interpretation or imagery into what you write. Feels like such a lovely shared experience. Of course, I love the art and music. We share a richness in imagery for sure.

    Sending your grace, laughter and great beauty this holiday and throughout the coming year, my friend. May abundance flow like water through your hands. Much love, Noelle

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    1. Such a beautiful blessing you send dear Noelle , thankyou from my heart …your presence continues to enrich my life in many astonishing ways …your light shines bright …Merry Christmas dear friend , love , megxxx


  3. I just immersed myself in the ethereal feel of your words and images, and the soulful music here, Meg. My warm hugs and good wishes to you for a joyous Christmas and another rewarding year ahead….ciao.

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    1. Raj , I’m so grateful for your inspiring presence so kind and I send you warmest wishes too for a glorious Christmas and new year ….looking forward to sharing and reading your beautiful postings , always stunning ! Love , megxxx

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  4. Such a fascinating combination of words and images- I feel I could read it a few more times to get lost in that in between worlds place as Geetha said. Love the powerful version of the old Simon and Garfunkle song. It always was a powerful song. Good choice!

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    1. Dear Joanna …I’m not always sure just where I live when sometimes the poem just seems to write itself ! I’m so happy that you liked the video as it moved me deeply too …many blessings to you and your loved ones this beautiful Christmas season …. love , megxxx

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  5. Thank you for this Christmas gift of magical imagery. I wish you a warm and wonderful holiday with your gorgeous family. May your fertile, luminous imagination continue to cast its spell in 2016. Love to you, dear lady Meg.

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    1. Julie , so dear …your heart beat is felt here in northern Michigan and it is endearingly magical ! Thankyou for becoming my friend and inspiration …it matters so deep …Merry Christmas bright star …love , megxxx


  6. Your imagery is always both sensitive and resounding, Meg. It resonates with the places inside of me that are profoundly human– where beauty and trust abide. The winged slippers, the doorways, the curtains of doves. I feel you always touch upon abundance in its raw and unadulterated form…

    Hope you are enjoying this season of silent, holy nights…

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    1. Ohhhhh Michael …I just saw this and I am so touched by your kind thoughts , always ….you are like a best friend to me here …and I am , um , I am ( sigh ) ….sooooooo thankful and rather awestruck with it ! ….love , megxxx

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