Spirit Flight 478



I saw you looking at me

it all changed

birds left broken


under the nest

and the mink

out of its hole

in the world

seeded by aliens


the starlings lullaby .


I saw you

looking at me

but I don’t know

how to rise with you

the dessert rose

of cemetery road

in a jar on our table

decayed when you

gave the passepartout

to another

and I couldn’t get in

with the river

of my love

im not strong enough

against her current .


looking at me

I saw you

trying to spread dawn

from your jagged fracture

and I wanted

i really wanted

to touch you

but I heard the birds


on the road above


in their escape .

credits : first two photos by my daughter , Denise Thomasin Photography

41 thoughts on “Spirit Flight 478

    1. I think it’s about me Hariod , a wanderer who is use to following the wind , an ” all or nothing ” attitude that I’m only recently learning to change because of loving and being loved in a sacred way …yet wanderers will always be ” resplendent ” to me , even when I’m not one of them anymore , I remember it tenderly … Wow Hariod , no one has ever asked for such an explanation but coming from you , my first and loyal and inspiring friend here , I felt I must try …I hope it helps , it’s just an expression of my heart . But I do think that readers often understand a poem in many diverse personal ways and that seems a somehow purer thing , so to answer your other question , no , you are not being too literal in your interpretation , you are just being you , and I hope you know how very much I love that ! ….always love my friend , megxxx

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    1. Chris , I’m so glad you’re here …thankyou my friend , and the way you heard these lines is the same for me too and a calm lies within that response which brings true connection ( I’m such a loner ) …and I hope the open door always shines with blessings of light …love , megxxx

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  1. Meg
    Acceptance of the natural inevitable struggles
    we have to come to terms with as struggles
    are an essential part of being.
    You set me off here and i must stop or otherwise
    you’ll be bored to tears.

    Much greatness in this work.

    big hugs


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    1. Oh John …there is no way you could ever bore me but your own poetry often does bring me to tears …I so appreciate your thoughtful and very kind response …yes to struggles as therein lies human empathy …big hugs back to you dear friend , megxxx


  2. Another beautiful work, Meg, full of your resplendent spirit. I enjoyed your recounting of your own feelings about this piece in your exchange with Hariod, and was touched all the more by the haunting images that live in your pieces. There is a life we had– a life we loved– a life that because of our love will never be lost, though it is a life that will never be again… We are resplendent, we humans, even as we are “trying to spread dawn from our jagged fractures…” Such beautiful images. Sadness and joy both weep from the fractures in your words…


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  3. Beautiful as always Meg, your words echo out into the Universe.. I think we all wish we had wings, and yet some of our feathers are ‘Fractured’ but not our desires.. We keep trying even though we are buffeted by the winds of change,
    We know deep within our being our Spirit will Soar.. the main thing is we keep trying to fly……….

    Love to you Meg.. Enjoy a Peaceful weekend… Your poetry always touches my heart.. Thank you my friend.. Sue ❤

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  4. What spirit
    arose, delivered
    this angel
    to reach down, pull me
    out from depths

    avoided? What can
    I do to spruce up
    your life? Your
    unwitting guidance polished

    by love smile:
    recipient sings.
    Your halo,
    pulls out this beating
    heart, offers

    it, by hand
    and outstretched arm. You,
    dressed so well, humble
    by nature
    shy, receive eternal love.

    to you, with love, compassion,
    creates new
    human experience.

    erupts when we arrive at
    love, laughing
    in relief, in awe:
    love perfects itself.

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  5. Your closing stanza did resonate for me and I quote:

    “…looking at me
    I saw you
    trying to spread dawn
    from your jagged fracture
    and I wanted
    i really wanted
    to touch you
    but I heard the birds
    on the road above
    in their escape.”

    So what would you say led to the scream? Did that arise from a concern that you might harm or the joy that you would help?


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    1. Thank you Shakti ….I think it’s about whatever you might feel from my verse …it’s difficult for me to put into a different form …I so appreciate your kind presence here …love , megxxx


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