Bridge to Detour


her soft lovely body

lays on blushing horizon

touching her as if

she were about to disappear

look , the bright moon

afraid of its own emptiness

the evening choking

over Whitefish Bay

two hundred miles of open waters

Lake Superiors graveyard

silver ships beyond the seas

no snow , no rain

no heat , only lands

refreshed by balmy breeze .


her soft lovely body

crossing over the bridge

east to Amsterdam , west

to Wamaia , north to Canada

south to Patagonia

looking for a tent show

in Point de la Batture

unable to yell

from Bay Mills outlook

where below the muskrat

comes up dead , his paws

closed tight

holding a little earth

for the Great Spirit to

make a new world .


her soft lovely body

sitting in the bathtub

arms wrapped around her knees

noone understanding

the future twisting the window crank of

broken dances or

the bizaar site

of the undertaker

riding upon a coffin

on the Great North Lake

emerging from thick fog white

or that jellyfish drifting purple

from across the Red Sea

out of place

like the boy appearing from the hole

in the knotty pine ceiling .


her soft lovely body

sings to berry laden bushes

he drops fruit

onto her opened night gown

staining blood

the stripped pine looking

like human skin

see the nail making

a stain in that tree

she has dirt under her nails

the freighter passes by

the osprey fish , windmills turn

a man with a day old beard drives by

drinking from a thermos .


see the grass growing in cracks

of deserted highway

did we trade wonder for reason

in the last moment .

let it be , let it be

her soft lovely body

gazing from Menominee Ridge

her soft lovely body

like a bud , like a bud

caught upon the erecting steel

of Mackinaw Bridge .

credits : Mackinaw Bridge photos by Dale De Vries Photography

Upper Michigan waterfalls by Daniel Cook

44 thoughts on “Bridge to Detour

  1. Lovely imagery, describing yourself in a beautiful place. We hope to be by Lake Superior the week of the 22nd thru the 27th. Maybe connect??


  2. A soft lovely body of journeys in this world and those parallel. I return from one spellbinding voyage to be taken on another by your magical voice. Thank you, deerest.

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    1. My lovely deer sister , Julie …your last voyage was felt deeply as if I were sitting right next to you holding your hand , your spirit and your writing so very beautiful …this bridge in your Michigan too , spans continents and I’m so grateful that it reaches to where you are now … Much love , megxxx


  3. Wonderful work Meg, mysterious as it is both romantic and (seemingly) erotic. I particularly appreciated the line “the bright moon, afraid of its own emptiness”, and rather think I shall view that orb in a different light when next it appears over these parts. Hariod ❤


    1. Thankyou my friend , so very much for your kindness …Hariod , I was alone on my blog unsure of just what I was doing for many many months …and then , like a miracle you appeared with a comment …and then because of you I was introduced to so many beautiful writers , artists , musicians , photographers …and I became part of such a loving , encouraging and thoughtful community …and so you remain so special to me and to all of us I’m sure( I can see from reading the comment threads on yours and others sites ) I hope you see the moon tonight with your clear , bright eyes , the way you saw my poem in all its hidden meanings …love , megxxx

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  4. Dear Meg,

    I was spellbound here, and realized how much I have missed your words and visions… I caught my breath at the sight of the muskrat through your eyes, clutching hold of that little fist of precious earth given us by the Great Spirit. Such a perfect messenger. And such a harrowing task, to make its way through the tunnels of our misperception to give us something so perfect, bounteous and simple. I cannot help but sense in these images the melancholy of the soul peering out through the “soft lovely body”– the one “unable to yell”, that “noone understands”… Such grace and beauty lives here, Meg. I love the way you tell us your heart’s story, in a way that is inseparable from the world’s color, sadness and glory. As it should be.

    Much Love


    1. What you sence moves me very much Michael …the ways in which you chose to see the spirit of my poem . Your poetic comment , your compassionate awareness filled with love and acceptance touches my heart …and I remain grateful for our friendship . You are awe inspiring so your last line about being one with the universe , ” as it should be ” … is bequiling and I am so very grateful for your presence on Mackinaw Bridge . Love , megxxx

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  5. Great poem , as always… You have taken things to a next level with your description and poetic images, as they are related to a mapping of feelings… I love the part when you mentioned the different places, particularly these pair of opposites: north to Canada-south to Patagonia… Truly well penned, dear Meg! Love and best wishes to you! Aquileana ⭐

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  6. Dearest Meg, I am always enthralled when I visit here by the mystic, majesty of words, and the visual delights here only enhance my visions as you toy with my imagination.. 🙂 Loved these lines, but then being an out-door girl who loves the woods, I am sure you are not surprised I chose these lines.
    ” her soft lovely body sings to berry laden bushes he drops fruit onto her opened night gown” 🙂

    Loved it Meg.. Thank you ❤

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