12 thoughts on “K/nots

    1. Hi Chryssa ( beautiful name ) …I’m so grateful for your sweet visit …I must visit you too soon as I’ve been missing your sweet and generous loving heart along with your gorgeous writings , …always love , megxxx


  1. You have a very creative daughter… She has your same unique sensibility when it comes to contemplating Life… Beautiful post, dear Meg… Thanks for sharing with us… All my best wishes and much love to you. Aquileana 😀

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  2. Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing. It allowed me to subscribe to her blog. We often see in our daughters what we were, could have been, are or will be. Your daughter seems to be a lovely sensitive girl just like mine. We are both thus blessed. Bless them too. My daughter also writes but her social life is too busy for her to keep a blog. Keep well 🙂


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