Loves Imprint – Copper Harbor



we traveled behind rain

you wanting

to find the way

nightwards when

sleep fluttered milkweed

upon my lashes

and where

the north panther

lay down again

its thunder



we traveled behind daisies

hiding tormented

tree stumps

unfathomable .

down wrong turns

me wanting

to roll in the hills

the tremble of

birthing winds

bouquet .



we traveled behind lake

your veins

like pine tree roots

the meadows

of your hands

abduct my flesh


to stretch sun

into storm .



we traveled  behind rooms

you wounding

the ghost

riding corridors of

your world .

me seeing

a nightingale naked

eclipsed upon

your lips

where petals stain


over a Two Hearted River

this is the strangest

garishly  glorious

life I’ve ever known .


20 thoughts on “Loves Imprint – Copper Harbor

  1. This reminds me every time I stop looking so hard, or pointing out the obvious, that I’m falling in love– spiraling out and passing through, never landing, drifting past fireflies and turning skies, in and out of shadows and eyes. I love the wind that drifts through the places you’ve been, Meg… following…



    • You do not know how deeply you honor the divine within my heart with this beautiful comment ….I kneel down to the Great Spirit who inspires and blesses all of us …I follow you dear Michael …and I’m so grateful ! Love , megxxx

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  2. Excellent…. Yes, your poem stands out, dear Meg!… The third stanza is my favorite… I love your metaphors and the atmosphere is captivating!… ~☀ 🌟★🌟 ☀ ~ Hugs and best wishes! Aquileana


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