You Don’t See Me


the witness point

on eyes of a bark less tree

residing in the gypsy globe

take notice

of her beloveds worn shirt

the buff cream

of Charolais cattle

sedate , too damaged

for this wilderness land

of dangerous freedom .


she is a runner

like antelope

always alone

with her solar smile

silent , so hungry

biting her lip

take notice

a zephyr lily

looking for the

promised land .


he is a rare sighting

a god

disquised as a man

spreading nightmare

to her standing there

with no movement


weary of this

peaceful slavery


someone else

holds the surveyors transit .


does he not see

her climbing out

from the hole in his eye


there at the

witness point .

25 thoughts on “You Don’t See Me

  1. I can feel your weariness, deer Meg. Unseen, maybe, but not invisible. At least not to me and your other readers. Be well, my friend.


    1. Julie …the love and understanding I feel from you runs deep and matters so much , actually transforming my aloneness when I am weary or sad … thank you deer friend , I feel you as if you live next door to me in northern Michigan , so very grateful for you , your journey , your story , your life , your beautiful soul …love , megxxx


    1. Thanks Dale but I only took the second photo …I don’t know who took the 2 driftwood photos as I found them on Pinterest and the storm photo is off Facebook within a series from one of the Traverse City publications and no credits printed … Sundays storm was classified as a tornado with winds over 100 mph …so devastating , Glen Arbor without power for 5 days …wishing you and family a pleasant weekend …


      1. Hoping, praying, wishing you are well, safe! I too sense a weariness and want the best for you. You are a friend from our pasts, and your writing has surely brought me closer to you in the last months. Meg/Peg I pray to hear/see in your words hope and joy again soon. Love you!!


  2. I see the antelope in the background, looking back towards the witness point– towards the gentle cup of space the zephyr lily is holding up for the sun to bless, the opening that refracts the rays arriving continuously from the promised land. Hope the heart churning settles, and the wooden floors of your heart are washed clean, revealing the eye still there in the barkless trees…



    1. Dear dear Michael …the poem you posted today so much helped me see with the eye on that bark less tree again that barriers are truly non existent when seen through the heart of the divine , which is always love ….being human I agree with your line , sometimes we are all ” nuts ” … I love you , megxxx ( ” insanely beautiful nuts ” )


  3. I just watched the video and had to go straight to iTunes to buy it. Wow! Impacting! Now, I understand why the words affected me so badly. Thanks for sharing.


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