The Same Place


I kiss you

with a mouth

of river hurricane

the fiddle she gave you

crushed by my wild waves .

you took her

to this same place

the crown of Lake Superior

her wedding veil


you did not see

deception in her curls

destroying you .

I am not another

with her eyes blind

I wonder do you

hear my accordion

the one I don’t

even know how to play .


You took me

to another same place

your heart cuts wonder

into my breath

the sigh of

your names together

carved like burning

tatoos into Cedar towns

storage barn


my words to silence

my dress of purple moaning

falls from the

branches of my shoulder

snapped by her sly scent

of flowers when crushed

that reside in wounds

you cannot hide .


the gods descent

watch me fall apart

walk on , walk on

I wonder do you

hear my accordion

the one I don’t

even know how to play .

credits : photo of Tree by Leanne Cole Photography at ( fellow WordPress friend )

Two Hearted Landscape by Dan Cook Photography


40 thoughts on “The Same Place

    1. Hi Raj …such a gentle hearted comment that brings me a calm sense of peace when my heart is churning … Seriously Raj , your words so beautiful , I am humbled …thank you , love , megxxx


  1. To capture lightning… your photo,like your post, is special. Lovely imagery, words, and an amazing sound track from that video. Magical, Meg. Thanks for sharing.❤️ ❤️
    p.s. Next time, leave the state, or maybe even cross the border to Canada. Create those new memories. ☺


    1. Hi Van …. I’m pleased you liked the music … the music of Bulgaria , where I was when I first began writing and creating this blog , haunts me still … Seems ghosts still follow me with pathos … I’m so quiet about talking but my heart is sad with words for now and it means much to me that you understand …thank you dear friend …love , megxxx

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    1. Thankyou so much Leaane for the correction , my apologies …your photography so moody that it inspires my creativity …I remain grateful ….love and hugs megxxx


  2. You may not know how to play it, but you understand its mournful harmony. I hope you are okay, deerest one. 💜


  3. So beautiful. I just discovered your writing through a friend reblogging you. It is so interesting for me that you too write poetry that you combine with music and images. Lovely writing. It speaks to me of many wonders in your heart


  4. The silent accordion, the wounds that cannot be hidden, and the places that were the same, but sang out of tune– places that were not quite right– they all leave the air rich with questions. From the comments, I hope the smoke rising here is not too thick, and the sun burns through to you with its clear light. Your writing and your images together continue to evoke the sensations of places we’ve all been… places where misplaced parts of ourselves may linger still… trying to figure out the purpose of that dusty accordion…

    Much Love,

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  5. I have not been commenting or visiting blogs this month as I get my writing project finished, but the images on this so arrested me when I opened it, that I have held onto it. This is truly so powerful. That first image went right down to my belly and pulled me right into your piece.


    1. Beautiful Noelle …I’m so touched by your kind comment , thank you …I hope your current writing project is going well and I will come visit you soon …hugs and love deer friend , megxxx


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