Land Above the Bridge


thru one thousand words I crawl

watched and eaten by maggots and mole

here beneath county Keweenaw fog

look , her nightgown full of blood drips

oozing , oozing , gasping Lake Superior squalls

lay it all down

lay it all down .



words turned to mural by flying creatures crowd

the furious , frenzied fresco , lake eye sky thunders

words buried , stones too , below the blowing dune

the palace of gods mind a slumbering castle of sand .

see Santero , the saint carver .

lay it all down

lay it all down .


a glistening far far around the fog

I cannot die it sang too high I don’t know why

I don’t know why all the birds on the wing together sing

Allah , Allah , juniper jewels open his mouth

silence , silent screams , swallowed words

lay it all down

lay it all down .



the towns name is Detour

where I long to drink the running deer

arise , arise the weeping poet cries

from the ground musk staying warm

the Sandhill Crane dies .

lay it all down

lay it all down .


crows fall , stones call

lay it all down , lay it all down

pungent , paralyzing scent of grace abides in this misplace .



24 thoughts on “Land Above the Bridge

  1. Great piece meg, and the music is perfectly matched.
    “I cannot die it sang too high I don’t know why”- a melancholy core – It all flows as do the figures in the video as they swing, round and round – ‘lay it all down , lay it all down’. – Lovely.x

    – sonmi upon the Cloud


  2. Another masterpiece Meg.. I was enchanted.. Even more so on reading the second time accompanied by the wonderful hypnotic music..
    I looked up The Keweenaw Peninsula.. and wow found some spectacular images Meg..
    I loved your poem.. Beautifully done..
    Love Sue xxx ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh Meg -What a mesmerizing tribute to this enigmatic land. Keeweenaw is the tiara on the fierce dark queen that is Superior. You have captured that fearsome and beautiful ambiance. Bravo. ❤️


    1. Oh Julie ! Your description of Keweenaw is glorious ! I’m so close to you in spirit walking these mysterious paths where you too have been …so ” fearsome ” … I love you , megxxx


  4. “Words turned to mural by flying creatures crowd… Lay it all down”
    Excellent verses …. Great poem… Your words flow like an endless source of metaphors.
    Hugs, dear Meg!… Thanks for sharing. Aquileana ⭐


    1. Dear Aquileana who walks with me from ancient time … I am so grateful for your kind comments and your inspirations ….hugs , my lovely friend , love , megxxx


  5. Meg – I missed from the bottom of my heart – your words, pages, blogs and images inspired me..

    such wonderful blog and presentation with excellence – I finally have my Radio Internet Live –

    Please visit the link below:

    If you are interested to participate or share anything please let me know…




    1. Mino , my friend , I’m so happy to hear from you as I’ve been wondering just how you are and now I see how busy you have been ! The site and concept is so enlightening and I look forward to following and I’m so happy you told me ! Thank you so much for sharing your path …love , megxxx


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