The Same Place


I kiss you

with a mouth

of river hurricane

the fiddle she gave you

crushed by my wild waves .

you took her

to this same place

the crown of Lake Superior

her wedding veil


you did not see

deception in her curls

destroying you .

I am not another

with her eyes blind

I wonder do you

hear my accordion

the one I don’t

even know how to play .


You took me

to another same place

your heart cuts wonder

into my breath

the sigh of

your names together

carved like burning

tatoos into Cedar towns

storage barn


my words to silence

my dress of purple moaning

falls from the

branches of my shoulder

snapped by her sly scent

of flowers when crushed

that reside in wounds

you cannot hide .


the gods descent

watch me fall apart

walk on , walk on

I wonder do you

hear my accordion

the one I don’t

even know how to play .

credits : photo of Tree by Leanne Cole Photography at ( fellow WordPress friend )

Two Hearted Landscape by Dan Cook Photography


Land Above the Bridge


thru one thousand words I crawl

watched and eaten by maggots and mole

here beneath county Keweenaw fog

look , her nightgown full of blood drips

oozing , oozing , gasping Lake Superior squalls

lay it all down

lay it all down .



words turned to mural by flying creatures crowd

the furious , frenzied fresco , lake eye sky thunders

words buried , stones too , below the blowing dune

the palace of gods mind a slumbering castle of sand .

see Santero , the saint carver .

lay it all down

lay it all down .


a glistening far far around the fog

I cannot die it sang too high I don’t know why

I don’t know why all the birds on the wing together sing

Allah , Allah , juniper jewels open his mouth

silence , silent screams , swallowed words

lay it all down

lay it all down .



the towns name is Detour

where I long to drink the running deer

arise , arise the weeping poet cries

from the ground musk staying warm

the Sandhill Crane dies .

lay it all down

lay it all down .


crows fall , stones call

lay it all down , lay it all down

pungent , paralyzing scent of grace abides in this misplace .



It’s Here





This is is where I live – it’s here . I miss you . The land called Michigan is mysterious , paradoxical , soulful , wild – we all have lake in our eyes here . It’s here too that I think of you … your stories , your poetry , your photos , your places . I want to tell you something , it’s this , you are not far from me . I’ve come to know you as friend in discovering the dance of your words and spirit . I want to tell you that I remain so deeply grateful … the waters surge … and you are here .

with love glorious,



Credits : first two photos of Lake Michigan by Dale DeVries Photography … Third photo of children swimming by my son Ted Ippel .