Vulnicura ( injury , care of souls )


chanting , chanting

a woman grey screams

terrible terrible revenge .


the bamboo flowering

a hundred years transplanting

the man who fell to the earth

he walks towards new love from Kandahar panting .


the yellow frock opening

a sudden kiss upon her stomach. ner to mourn

he protects her , he does not tell her

a dove on the distant Oak yet unborn .


the naked neck shyly speaking

a sunbeam large as Zion to adorn .

the boy who appears from the hole in the ceiling

music heard out of the soil stillborn .


the insects chirping

some carry shelter wherever they go .

his mouth the brown nipples swallowing

sweet as he lays her below .



the tunic like a sheet now breathing

the lovers rise to the heavens sky

the flower of a saffron petal omelet

rests the white blush pure of her thigh .


Heras heart has a wicked tongue

a mouth filled with one thousand eyes

her threat burning resentment . yet behold

milk sprayed across the skies .


chanting , chanting

the lovers whisper with suckling contentment

terrible beauty to blossom avenge .


Credits : Girl in White – photo by Katie Chausheva … Sculpture by Christina Bothwell

Special gratitude to Aquileana ( La Audacia de Aquiles ) my wordpress friend for her inspiration from her beautiful blog on mythology

23 thoughts on “Vulnicura ( injury , care of souls )

    1. Noelle , your comment truly matters to me and I am touched and truly encouraged by it as I try to be courageous as I go foreword as a writer …thank you from my heart …love , megxxx

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  1. Wonderful and beautiful poem Meg! It reminds me of Manifesto of Residue 3-24, which I just finished writing yesterday, and have yet to name. I’m going to backmask it today and post the forwards and backwards portions on my blog, but I will give you a sneak peak, and share the forwards version with you here, so you can see the similarities, and perhaps see how I appreciate your poem’s symbols πŸ™‚

    Lacuna disillusioned
    higher resolution with
    misapprehended supra’s
    indivisible image
    Unusual conclusions,
    stories left open-ended β€”
    Isn’t that all life is, just
    eternally unfinished?

    Lightning in reality
    strikes, thunders dreams, in reverse
    revolutions, conversely
    quiet as the grave β€” Life stirred
    in Frankensteins under sheets,
    rising like ghosts and ghouls β€” Cursed
    zombies thirst for fresh coffee,
    forgetting dream’s past lives, first

    Beware watering
    guarantees deceitfully
    with salty promise
    confusing conditionals
    and the rules of engagement

    Continuity errors
    catch on flip-sides of caution
    tape’s backburn-breaking of terms’
    endearment β€” Premonition
    touchstone tones’ rung taciturn
    wyrm Bluebell scales, ring fallen
    lots, intersecting Larkspur
    wheel reversal’s spoke fortunes

    Jackpots of one-armed bandits,
    eggs all in one basket, case
    IOU promissory notes in
    constellations pan out, break
    the mould of static skies, stitch
    missed connections and create
    a will for a way to get
    us out of this rut, awake


  2. I love the mythological references, and the way that your images inter-weave. There is a slightly contradictory tone in parts which adds to the sensual mystery of this poem. Fine writing, Meg!


    1. Hi Chris , thank you for your kind thoughtfulness , always , and what you say to me is remembered and you have a strong way of inspiring me to work with commitment ( I so often falter ) …love and blessings , megxxx

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  3. A cosmological poem… 😧😲😡

    I can see how Hera is related to Jealousy here and how they are struggling somehow against many adversities …

    My favorite verses are:
    “The bamboo flowering/ a hundred years transplanting”


    “Chanting , chanting/ the lovers whisper with suckling contentment
    terrible beauty to blossom avenge” .

    Your poem is exquisite in metaphors … And I found it raw when it comes to revealing the intertwined feelings among the two lovers… Great poetic delivery, dear Meg… Sending you hugs and best wishes! Happy weekend ahead. Aquileana ⭐


    1. Hi Aquileana … I am awed by your blog so to have you comment here is an honor for me …thank you . And thank you too for picking up on the rawness within this poem that challenged me so much …hugs and love , your friend , megxxx

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  4. Meg, this one foxed me, I read 3 times, and one has to be within your head to see the complexity of its message in this tale of wounds. Each time I read, I felt a different emotion and saw a meaning as I linked the verses to the images I was seeing.

    Your gift is incredible in that you hold us spell bound . While my poems are very simple in their content, Your words weave us into the depth of mystery..

    Wishing you and exquisite week my friend.. Thank you for you most welcome visit.. Love and Hugs your way.. Sue ❀


    1. Sue , for you to read it 3 times brings me much amazement … you are so dear and I so very much appreciate your loyalty …I want you to know that your poetry touches me too and sometimes it too is mysterious … I think we each are as our voices have different tones and melodies ….simple , complicated and from our hearts ….love and hugs , megxxx


  5. Meg all of your work has such a delightful ethereal quality to it. This is lovely, and brought to mind so many images, a wonderful journey of thought. The artwork, photos and music video you’ve selected, perfect always! Please take good care, wishing you the very best!

    Much love,
    Pepperanne β™₯


    1. Hi beautiful Pippa …I’m so pleased you experienced something wonderful from this poem , it creates thoughts for me too , sometimes even different ones than my first ones … Poetry comes from somewhere divine ( I’m sure of ) and it is to the Great Creator that I raise my eyes in gratefulness too …so thank you my friend for such a kind comment and your beautiful presence … hugs and love , megxxx

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  6. Meg, for me this piece captured the hope of beings losing themselves in the mysterious glory of human longing and union, and how at times this is of the flesh, at times a fleeting ray of light, at times a tension with tragedy and cosmic fate itself. I love how your pieces have so many doors hidden them that lead to beautiful places– so much passion and color, the brilliance of a star tucked inside the flickering grace of the human heart… Your work is beautiful….



    1. Michael …”the doors that lead to beautiful places ” if I could manifest that every day I would desire to share it with all of us …thank you dear friend for your most beautiful spirit shining upon my blog ( and my heart ) …I am so very grateful …hugs and love , megxxx

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  7. Another evocative piece, Meg, woven with the passion of the divine mystery, of life, death, rebirth (“music heard out of the soil stillborn” and “a dove on the distant Oak yet unborn”, and the movement of forces that lay within the great ocean of our being.


    1. Dear Janet …I’m so happy for your presence , you’ve been with me from the beginning over a year ago , always with love …you are a blessing and I remain so thankful …hugs and love , megxxx


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