The Lovers


the bell chime , he could be that man

on the rooftop of Amsterdam

appearing in heavenly form , a gazelle

don’t move on

there’s coming a ground swell

step away , step away .


the flame colored alien

spoke smoke tumbling

brazen words of farewell

we are the naked truth .

women tied into sacks drowned

in frigid waters , a death bell .


fade away , fade away

the melody

on the eight count a bell chime

passed from hand to hand

beware terrestrial time

fade away , fade away .


the clouds take all the light

tightly he embraced his dreams

to hold back time , dispelled

lifes dark side becoming white

please no words of farewell

dream away , dream away .



the dawn of grace in the last days

exotic love all the time

the lovers crawl like babies

a dominion of kissing sublime

of days with souls emblazon

run away , run away .


she has awakened

he becomes a Christ

love away , love away

choose your voices , see the Madonna

out in the North Sea unbearable

love so terrible .


so beautiful this climb

an awestruck astral parable

the lovers , you and I .

behold the eight count bell chime

behold the eight count bell chime

come away , come away .



photo credits : Girl in Window – Ellen Rogers Photography

Utrecht avenue and Heart Hand – megdekorne

Others – Pinterest

Personal note : I’ve missed all my blogger friends while in Amsterdam … You all matter to the enrichment of my life , so much ! Love , meg


39 thoughts on “The Lovers

    1. My beautifully raw bohemian friend ..thank you Chrissy ..I missed you too , I just read your latest poem but can’t find a place to comment as to the glory of it written loud in a deep pure voice from a heart emblazoned ! Hugs , megxxx

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  1. i agree with Chrissy – fantastic – and i’m still reeling from the images that smacked me in the face and demanded so much; there is bleakness and hope and then of course there’s superior writing.
    Meg, kudos!

    Big Hugs



    1. Big hugs back to you John …your last prose poem so moved me and caught me breathless as to your awestruck ability to channel intense emotions …thank you for your loyal presence here , it means so much from a master poet as YOU …love , megxxx

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    1. Dear kind man ….thank you Hariod ! Yes , I’m home with ” Jack ” … Amsterdam the most beautiful city ! … I missed you , what are you writing now ? …a red heart , 3 of them , love , megxxx

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    1. Dear Oloriel ( beautiful name ) …I love your unusual response as I wondered if anyone else ever sees poetry as if watching a sequence in a film … sometimes I watch films with the sound turned off and the gestures are like words to me …your site is extremely beautiful and I’m so grateful for your kind introduction …love , megxxx

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      1. Precisly like that, it is the same for me. I have a hard time not imagining and playing out everything as a movie whenever I read or listen to someone speak or listen to a song 🙂


  2. Welcome back, Meg. We’ve all missed your glow.
    I’ve just peered into your voyage – “beware terrestrial time” – yes, beware. Let go and wander. The dark and light of place. The phantoms that haunt the streets. The essence that you leave behind.
    You may be “back” now, but she is always with you and you with her.


    1. Beautiful Julie ! My heart glows with gratitude from you …I loved your post on Arizona , so haunting with feeling …and your beautiful comment here , ” the phantoms that haunt the streets ” …you always understand me ( rare in my life ) …I feel your essence here in the land of Michigan …love , megxxx


  3. That initial photo is so full of character, Meg, and then the boat in the fog, enthralling. Such a wonderful juxtaposition and your words, weaving the spell. 🙂


  4. Remarkable verses… I love the progression in your poem and the way the feelings evolve…Also I can almost listen to the sound of those bells … blending with your words!..
    Really, very nice!!!! … Happy friday and best wishes dear Meg Aquileana 😀


    1. Dear beautiful Aquileana …your comment so thoughtful and I so appreciate you taking the time …I’m glad you could here the bells as I was listening to the song video , over and over as I composed this poem , it was the inspiration for me …love , megxxx ( I hope your week-end is amazing ! )

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  5. Wow, beautiful! My favorite line was

    “the dawn of grace in the last days”

    because it says so much, and sounds so beautiful. I am glad our paths crossed, yours and John’s Flanagan’s new posts, have inspired me today!


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    1. Thanks Ry …seriously ! I love how we can all inspire each other …I can visualize you with a pen in your hand looking serious with your eyes gleaming like a poets creating what is held in your soul …love , megxxx

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  6. Meg, this is a beautifully stunning poem, lovely and quite emotional. Your verse, “behold the eight count bell chime”, exquisite, it gave me the chills. Always a wonderful presentation, it’s such a pleasure to enjoy your creativity, truly a performance! Welcome back! Have a superb weekend.

    Much love,


    1. Pippa dear , thank you so much , the pleasure to know you is all mine and I am so grateful for the lovely presence of your soaring soul , you always bring with you endearment ….hugs and love , megxxx

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  7. Beautiful, Meg, to the eye and the heart. The bell is passed from hand-to-hand, the ringing from heart-to-heart. The result of such compassion: a field able to hold the dream-smothering opacity of the clouds; the sorrow and violence of the drowned women; the naked power of the Madonna, adrift at sea; the innocence of lovers; and the the christ awakening in their midst. The time you spend on creating and selecting your images Meg is well worth it!



    1. Michael , my kind friend …the bells ringing sang to me and I’m so grateful you heard it too … words are often silent within language but the notes of words , never …. I think creation began with the sound of a tone and that sound hovers everywhere …thank you very much for your beautiful comment and for gracing my place on this earth ….love , megxxx

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