Song Book


she forgot the sun

she forgot the sun

they all thought she was wilder

in the presence of wonder

unattainable .


he recites poems

running up and down hills

a blazing thunderbolt

outshouting the surf

sensational .


she  forgot the other ones

they cannot hide

they are around the epicenter

a lever used to move the world

confrontational .


he is the hunter

catching light in his net

he is the Christ message

cosmic cathedrals

inspirational .


the lemur , I’m about to loose my mind

sharing common ancestry

sunworshipping , taboos revered

humanities song book

untraceable .


they see a second sun

a light around the equator

as the ring around Saturn

a diamond on her delicate finger

unmistakable .


she forgot the sun

she forgot the sun

he thinks of poems

everything real in its aromatic

reeking glory , the presence of her wonder

rotational , gravitational , insatiable .


life was staggeringly unpredictable

his map took her breath away

fate was swift , the verging sea

her skin could blindside anyone

wild in its sacred scent

the sun falls .


Credits : third photo of young man by David Talley Photography … all others from Pinterest

The Lovers


the bell chime , he could be that man

on the rooftop of Amsterdam

appearing in heavenly form , a gazelle

don’t move on

there’s coming a ground swell

step away , step away .


the flame colored alien

spoke smoke tumbling

brazen words of farewell

we are the naked truth .

women tied into sacks drowned

in frigid waters , a death bell .


fade away , fade away

the melody

on the eight count a bell chime

passed from hand to hand

beware terrestrial time

fade away , fade away .


the clouds take all the light

tightly he embraced his dreams

to hold back time , dispelled

lifes dark side becoming white

please no words of farewell

dream away , dream away .



the dawn of grace in the last days

exotic love all the time

the lovers crawl like babies

a dominion of kissing sublime

of days with souls emblazon

run away , run away .


she has awakened

he becomes a Christ

love away , love away

choose your voices , see the Madonna

out in the North Sea unbearable

love so terrible .


so beautiful this climb

an awestruck astral parable

the lovers , you and I .

behold the eight count bell chime

behold the eight count bell chime

come away , come away .



photo credits : Girl in Window – Ellen Rogers Photography

Utrecht avenue and Heart Hand – megdekorne

Others – Pinterest

Personal note : I’ve missed all my blogger friends while in Amsterdam … You all matter to the enrichment of my life , so much ! Love , meg