What a Wonderful World


They thought they had remembered the time of the performance – but alas , it was not even today ! No matter , Miren was here , alone on the empty stage and the universe was about to blossom forth  , her creative and benevolent impulses lying in that innocent heart . Awake , a prayer is danced and we see for the first time into the nature of our own being .




” I celebrate myself , and sing myself .” – Walt Whitman , ” Leaves of Grass ”

Thank you to Miren Beane and her parents , Robbie and Cassandra ….


18 thoughts on “What a Wonderful World

  1. Meg, this is a truly beautiful post. I feel you have captured the unencumbered essence of innocence. An absolutely stunning presentation, heartwarming! Please take good care, and enjoy your weekend.

    Always warm wishes,


      1. Yes, it’s the best dance in the Universe! Because when a soul dances, all Prima ballerinas assoluta can have a well-earned rest 😛
        Your TiaXXX


  2. Innocence flowering in the patter of dance steps of dainty little feet..I am sure it made your day, Meg, if the joy I derive from watching it now is any indication…blessings… Raj.


  3. It all worked out splendidly. A whirling jewel of freedom given the space to tickle the sky… Something about the stage- it’s shape and the echoed, scalloped presence of the two small doors reminded me for whatever reason of Rudolph Steiner. It also made it feel like this little one had stepped into this world from somewhere else entirely. So inspiring!

    Much Love


    1. Michael , dear friend , I love how you responded to her freedom dance on this stage … You see it just as I have …I once again looked up Rudolf Steiner as some of my grandchildren have gone to the Waldorf school on Orcas Island , Wa. … Thank you , thank you for your beautiful presence in my life …love megxxx

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  4. How graceful she dances.. ( I have a 4 yr old granddaughter who goes to dance classes.. She just loves dancing as your little one does.) … Wonderful to have the stage to one’s self! 😀 Hugs Sue


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