Waipio Valley


Today , this day today

this still life of mine astray

a table trance of bowl and knife

the China cup with teabag edging

its water lucid yesterday

a roque rolling wave

from Kamaloas lost sea

where fish swarm from arched waters warm

abound the ancient valley with royal bodies furious .

hovering tween the terrible turmoil

birds circling with no control

a flying machine about to fall injurious .

my mind breaking its shell

a feather drops from the wind

this lush valley to live in .

the lover kissing my neck a holy shiver

over the face of creations water , the place God knows

Behold the mark of archangel Raziel .


Do you know how old the wind is

five hundred thousand years long so curious .

come upstairs with me my love

to the golden wall where a door now stands whether

it did not before , you should know

the place is holy close to Jehovah’s body .


Come upstairs with me , my love

to find my scarve for I hear

the beginning chant and I’m afraid , I fear

to be alone in this still life of mine

a sliced silhouette , a redemption sign

today , this day today .



28 thoughts on “Waipio Valley

    1. John , thank you so very much for staying with me on this unexpected journey through poetry ….I admire you and your poetry more than you know and try to learn from how you compose so distinctively and charismatically …thank you so much ….love megxxx

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  1. “I fear to be alone in this still life of mine” – the immensity of existence is intimidating, if we really look at it. Beautiful words, as usual, Meg. Have blossoms appeared in your woods yet?


    1. Dear Julie …your lovely thoughts so close to me ….thank you …the cherry blossoms not quite yet but I can almost smell them ….I’m going to Amsterdam next week for 10 days , have you journeyed there yet ? Love you xxxmeg


  2. This writing is intoxicating, Meg. It changes the parameters of my sensing. One minute the day is close, begging to be understood and processed. The next, I am standing at the door to a Great Beyond, flipping an access card, wondering if I dare to cross the threshold… You are able to cast your heart’s imagination into deep and wonderful pools of image and meaning.

    (what Hariod said about the cottage, basically… 🙂 )

    Have a great trip to Amsterdam!



    1. Michael …I just noticed your dear comment so wonderful …thank you so very much …I leave tomorrow for Amsterdam and will surely miss our connection here … Love megxxx ( the once upon a time nomad who found love )

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  3. Beautiful poem, Meg!… I truly liked these verses:

    “My mind breaking its shell

    a feather drops from the wind

    this lush valley to live in”

    All my best wishes and happy week ahead! Aquileana ⭐


    1. How very kind of you dear Aquileana …I was in Hawaii for a year where my youngest daughter lives and this valley of the gods vibrated with natures love and its history’s terror …I lived in a tree house with wild horses roaming and swam in the ocean of black sand beaches … live transformed …love megxxx


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