Love poem # 3


The  north wearing earth on his hands

the sprouting of tenderness .

The south , her lips pink from new Amsterdam

does not rest her seduction .

Lips pink , a gossamer pregnant

birthing long nights to lovers

entwined with maroons monogram .


The mouth harp intoxicating

singing stirring abduction .

north and south huddled together upon a raft .

lips of yesterday

lips surging phantoms

lips pink like the silver city

travelled far by Abraham .


The north land fermenting

his breath rising above heavens wet locks

falling from her dark purple sky .

Behold the flute of Khrishna

seeding a box of emerald green chocolates

a chariot of kisses , cacao pulp kissing

their lips , their limbs , their bodies swelling mussels .


The north the greatest storyteller

breaching lips , whales of love .

The south , her lips small but touching enormous things .

Behold the raft with waves of oysters and clams

the pretty ones always messy

lips pink , the jukebox dancing

cigarette lighters clicking .


The darkness on the street with a voice

now to bear witness .

Love red , love rising ruby

like a vapor she goes temporarily blind

her mouth open .


For Dan

37 thoughts on “Love poem # 3

  1. “Love red , love rising ruby

    like a vapor she goes temporarily blind

    her mouth open.”

    Meg, I love this vivid, open poem. The weaving of land, ocean, bodies, pink & red interspersed with remarkable photos, an intense read. Wow! Christine


    1. Dear dear Ellen , blushing is sweet and yes , love is surely breathtaking …thank you so much for always touching my heart with your lovely thoughts …hugs and love , megxxx


  2. Meg
    The universal view, the biggest picture embracing all of us.
    Gorgeous writing without being ‘pretty please’ writing, this is mature,
    sophisticated writing.

    Big Hugs



  3. So much passion in these words. Such is what happens when two opposing directions collide. A glorious weekend to you, lovely Meg. ☀️


    1. Oh Mino ! You are so very kind . ( may I please have your permission to use your video ” Or Sirun Sirun ” on my next post that I am working on right now ) ? Love you ….megxxx.


  4. Meg, the line about the mouth open – what a coincidence! We were having similar strains of thought, it seems. Ah, true friends, genuine spirits, we collide in worlds of poetry ❤ I loved the north and south mixing within your lines in sensual ways, heightened by the photos you put with the lines. Well done!


    1. Christy dear ….yes , the synchonicity so amazing and I am so grateful that poetry lives thru universal connections …and between you and I in such a wondrous and beautiful way ….hugs and love dear poet , megxxx

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  5. I love the sensuousness you bring to the natural world with this piece. We forget this too often. I do, anyway. That the sea is in love with the heavens. That Nature’s north and south are making love all day long, filling the sky with color, the shores with life, the boat with beings. That Nature’s polarities are deeply in love, and it is physical, flowing, colorful, wet, and overflowing…

    Much love, my friend-


    1. Oh Michael , dear friend …I did not see your precious comment here until just now …you bring along such a beautiful dimension with your insightful and soulful thoughts … Thank you from a heart of gratitude and love , megxxx

      Liked by 1 person

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