Farewell my dear blogging family who I love . I hope to write poetry with Vincent Van Gogh on his ” Cafe Terrace at Night ”  … P.S. – clue : my cowboy love seen just behind my shoulder will find me soon … and ” Jack and Francis ” will continue their journey into…Read more »

Waipio Valley

Today , this day today this still life of mine astray a table trance of bowl and knife the China cup with teabag edging its water lucid yesterday a roque rolling wave from Kamaloas lost sea where fish swarm from arched waters warm abound the ancient valley with royal bodies furious . hovering tween the…Read more »

Love poem # 3

The  north wearing earth on his hands the sprouting of tenderness . The south , her lips pink from new Amsterdam does not rest her seduction . Lips pink , a gossamer pregnant birthing long nights to lovers entwined with maroons monogram .   The mouth harp intoxicating singing stirring abduction . north and south…Read more »