Sonnet – Febuary Falling


Voyage returning , sunset burning

he picks up her hand in melting motion


light mirrors the evening star telecasted

her hand a wing , thud of his heart

taking galactic journey unprotested .


Milk and blood naked white rose

heaven in its nudity


her half-slip abandoned , a vision impregnates

valley of lamb and dove , tattoo throbbing his heart

voluptuous Venus originates .


Wine and blood the floodgates

too frightening to be ignored

stay up with me tonight .

Personal note : Dan , for you my love …

Note : Hand photographed by Man Ray ; Boat by Sarolta Ban Photography
Personal note : for Dan

18 thoughts on “Sonnet – Febuary Falling

  1. A really interesting poem, a lovely read, I like the way it challenges me and makes me want to re-read it to uncover another layer. Also, I’m a huge fan of Man Ray and many of the surrealists and other artists of his era!


      1. You’re very welcome. Ah yes, Lee Miller, I like her too, such an interesting character… Would have been lovely to have been around when they were in Paris, and to have met them…

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  2. Wonderful sonnet Meg!

    I know a little bit about Man Ray’s fixation on Lee Miller, the woman in the first photo, and can relate in my own ways, to some of my past muses, and seeking substitutes for them that share similar traits that are my type, hoping they will be better suited for someone like me (a “crazy chameleon”), than their predecessors were.

    Your photo of painter/photographer Man Ray’s muse, and the picture of the sheep in the boat, reminded me of this music video, by the way 🙂


    1. Cyan …I’m so glad to hear from you …I’ve wanted to comment on your last 7 or so posts as they were each so astonishingly beautiful …i hope the hacking problem is solved soon so that you can enable likes and comments …and by the way , you are a beautiful ” crazy chameleon ” … And Thankyou Cyan for another amazing video shared that I’m not familiar with …xxx

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    1. Dear Julie …the heart , so mysterious and wondrous , kind of like earths uncovering or decoding of an archeological excavation ( thinking of the tombs of the Great Pharohs in Egypt ) … Or like the jutting and steep mountains coming forth suddenly from the fog that you hiked on , written and photographed so beautifully in your last blog post … My heart is falling in love … Xxx meg


  3. I’ve sent you a poem, Meg, inspired by the line from your beautiful poem here…”heaven in its nudity”…

    Voiceless voice, the soundless sound.
    Oh beauty in this nothingness.
    Humility radiates, an undercurrent alive,
    where we surrender our needs and wants to the Ocean.
    Vanity is gone in heaven’s naked state –
    just light, love, the breath and being.
    Behind creation is God, the unique,
    molding flesh and heart anew.


  4. As February falls here, four days post a 14th, where high winds ponder their storms a thousand miles to the North and in the East, all while a mist weighted rain halts its flight upon no longer dry dirt. Your poem finds me pondering; what of those quiet moments between individuals, the distances within isolation, places, times long ago on such islands as Foula, Norfolk, St Kilda. Places where a weather’s dream never ends.


  5. Dear Sean …I very much appreciate your thoughtful comment and now I too am pondering upon such islands you mention and their dreams and blessings to you always xxx meg


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