32 thoughts on “Road to Awe

  1. Lovely sculptures Meg! I love the name of them too, it’s one of my favorite phrases. I’d love to see them alongside the painting sometime!

    And the video, wow! Very resilient people there! It reminded me of Atoms For Peace’ music video “Ingenue”, that I almost paired with my post today, but didn’t, as my post was so long. Very similar! Yours was so much better though 🙂


    • You are kind Cyan …thank you …and you continue to introduce me to such amazing videos … Love the name ” Atoms for Peace ” … I’m glad you posted it here ! … I haven’t read your lasted posts yet ,but will today contemplate with a peaceful mind your road to awe … blessings …xxx meg

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  2. I love sigur ros! I will come back and finish the video when more time presents itself. Your sculptures merit some additional attention as well… Hope the writing panic flies the coop, if not already, and that you settle in for some gorgeous lucidity…



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