Road to Awe


Writers panic ( again ) brings me to the studio where objects hold stories too and where music , well music stands right next to love .


Memento Mori series – clay sculpture by meg dekorne – 2014 continuing


Music score : ” Valtari ” by Siqur Ros

definition of Valtari – wheel , roller , turn over

32 thoughts on “Road to Awe

      1. I’ve just begun fiddling around with a little piece on how we see the world in a fractured way at times, and at other times get glimpses of the big picture. I find it hard to condense these sorts of ideas into bite-sized blog pieces, because I know that in truth, matters of the mind are very complex. Still, I came to realise that people really only want 700-800 words, something like a vignette, because we’re all too busy for much more. I enjoy the challenge, but know that I fall short of the mark most times. The last one I did was very dry (not your style at all), but normally I like to try and inject a little imagery into the words, if only to make the writing process more interesting for me.

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      2. Your ideas are always provoking … I agree too with using fewer words in a posting … Strange how what you’re working on has connection as I’m working on a piece about mirrors ( disco ball ) … Hariod I can’t wait to read what you post next … You always enrich my poor mind …xxx


      3. “Poor mind” – yeah right Meg, you and your poor creatively abundant, romantically visionary and artistically unique little mind. I wish I had a poor mind too. 😉


  1. Lovely sculptures Meg! I love the name of them too, it’s one of my favorite phrases. I’d love to see them alongside the painting sometime!

    And the video, wow! Very resilient people there! It reminded me of Atoms For Peace’ music video “Ingenue”, that I almost paired with my post today, but didn’t, as my post was so long. Very similar! Yours was so much better though 🙂


    1. You are kind Cyan …thank you …and you continue to introduce me to such amazing videos … Love the name ” Atoms for Peace ” … I’m glad you posted it here ! … I haven’t read your lasted posts yet ,but will today contemplate with a peaceful mind your road to awe … blessings …xxx meg

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      1. My daughter Denise played their music for me years ago and I still remain amazed at its beauty in a strange made-up language … I’m also fascinated by Iceland because of them ! … hugs Van xxx


  2. I love sigur ros! I will come back and finish the video when more time presents itself. Your sculptures merit some additional attention as well… Hope the writing panic flies the coop, if not already, and that you settle in for some gorgeous lucidity…



    1. Hi Michael … Thank you dear poet for your visit , I’m glad you like Sigur Ros too …I tried to add a video here for you but alas , I can’t figure out just how( “Ara Batur ” at Abby Road Studio ) … I hope you “keep rolling ” like Hariod mentioned above and enjoy the music of Life , this beautiful Life ! Xxx

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