It’s All Happening

image Self-portrait : bulgaria 2013 I was born twice , first as Peggy in Grand Rapids , Michigan in 1951 and then again in a Bulgarian village in December of 2013 …. Today I was sent an achievement award : It says ,” Happy Anniversary with . You registered one year ago ! Thanks for flying with us .” image I thank WordPress and my beautiful followers and visitors for giving me wings … I am very grateful … truly …xxx


Aele Labbe Photography

” I never re-read what I’ve written . I’m far too afraid to feel ashamed of what I’ve done .”   Jorge Luis Borges

20 thoughts on “It’s All Happening

  1. You’ve brought so much into my world, Meg… I’ve traveled with you, cried and laughed with you, been taken into your heart and soul, relished the journeys of your mind and being, and been enriched in countless ways. My thanks to you dear friend.

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    1. Hi Hariod …I hear pieces of what happened to me there come hesitantly forth in some of my characters thoughts every once in awhile … The stream of consciousness writing holds many mysteries that in some strange way makes truth and melody out of my life , human and spiritual , past and present .The land of Bulgaria , the earth , brought me a gift of some kind I know not how to explain …. I wandered alone for 6 months walking the farms , hills and valleys and was transformed as if I was a creature , one with nature and animals … a soul with a human body that could see wind and hear all of life breathing …and love , well , love was everywhere …..


      1. I have always felt that Easter Europeans are altogether earthier, grounded and more connected types than we Western Europeans; and for that reason, have always been very drawn to their personalities and formed deep bonds with them more readily. H ❤

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