Perplexings : Baby Blue Samsonite ( Sammy ) and introducing …


FLASH ! … Meg , where are you ? … Please come home – the tent nearly lifted into the sky the other night during that loud storm of rain and thunder and Eve and I started shaking and even your books tumbled off Eves shelf when those coyotes howled so near by . And something very strange has happened here , not only has Cindy our nice neighbor in the woods stopped playing that tango music causing 3 of Eves legs to become stiff from not practicing with only one leg tapping constantly an annoying rhythm from being so off balance … but Meg , someone new has entered the tent ! When you ran out so quickly Sunday morning you left the door unzipped and she blew in from the wind , and on top of it she was crying , her tiny voice sounding like a kazoo , and all wet and cold with her little self dripping water droplets on your Mexican rug . She looked so lost , lost like a dropped handkerchief in a dark movie theater . ( I know I just stole that sentence from that story you’re writing – you know , the one about the boat ! ) Actually , it kind of feels like you’ve abandoned us on a raft to go sailing with those other characters … Don’t get me wrong , I really do accept that you just must keep writing , after all , it’s who you are now ! We see that your writing days are like a constant birthday party with lighted candles and plates full of smiles – lol – Eve wants you to know that she composed that last sentence .


Anyway , back to our little stow a way . As I was drying her , she’s very sweet , our new guest , I noticed her small name tag nearly torn off on her back collar – Nanette . She might be French , which is good for you since we’ve observed your recent correspondence with Hariod ( the Englishman who leaves those nice red hearts and music videos ) and how he posts comments in French and you try to figure it all out . Anyway , Nanette is so very adorable once dried out , with tiny stitching in red , green and yellow stripes . We’ve never seen anything like her ! She must have a love of puppets as Punch and Judy are stitched on her front like a quilted cartoon . She hasn’t told us much with all her whimpering , just wanting to be held – so I open up and invite her in . I feel her comfort once inside where I know she feels safe and warm against my silk lining – I can hear her playing in the inner pocket with your charm necklace from that lover I told you to forget about . She likes its tinkling sound , sort of like a rattle to her . I think she’s only a baby and Eve and I feel very tenderly towards her . Eve’s even trying ( note , trying ) to sing some lullabies .


But Meg , we really need you back so tonight if your still gone , I’m sending you over another dream – don’t be scared – it will be about coyotes so that you will act on coming back for us . I know how you love those kissing dreams , but this one will help you rescue us , you can kiss later !

note on those coyotes : I know you left early that day because of them , howling in a pack like lunatics in the dark night . I do want to help you . We over heard someone walking by the other day , ” that weird hippie woman is now living in a rented room at old Mr. Thatchers “. Eve and I made some noise so they wouldn’t peek in with all their curiosities about you . Yes , we protect you dear Meg ! Ok , back to those coyotes …


There re is a reason for your fear . It has to do with the power of symbols , yes , symbols and those coyotes are on your animal totem !( Wakan Tanka told us ) . The depth of your personality is even deeper than you think . The ability of our minds to associate external symbols with internal suffering is remarkable . So you can’t ignore those coyotes and their shadows that scare you and the way they haunt your mysterious affliction . All will be well , Meg – just come back and get us !

p.s. Someone will have to carry Eve ( maybe your brother , Dave , who really doesn’t believe we can possibly exist with human characteristics ) … She won’t make it down the street on her 4 legs being so trippy lately .

p.s.s. Get rid of that over-sized mans shirt and hat you threw on the last time I saw you ! You can’t manifest Charlie Chaplin but with those vintage dresses you have , you could possibly be Marilyn Monroe . ( I still can’t figure out how to make those little heart symbols … You will just have to imagine one right here .


Eve ve wants you to publish this quote ( she’s becoming a bit overconfident with book knowledge – please talk to her about this ) .

” When we were children , we use to think that when we’re grown – up we would no longer be vulnerable . But to grow up is to accept vulnerability … To be alive is to be vulnerable . ”

Madeleine L Engle


11 thoughts on “Perplexings : Baby Blue Samsonite ( Sammy ) and introducing …

  1. An utterly delightful sojourn amidst the recesses of Baby Blue and Nanette’s perfectly understandable vulnerabilities, as a result of which I am left feeling both grateful and thoroughly enchanted. 🙄

    Oh, and I just had a thought that maybe Eve could unstiffen her legs dancing to a different tune:

    In any (suit)case, please tell Baby Blue it’s [<3] but you must leave a space either side of the < and the 3.

    Hariod. ❤


    1. Wait till Eve hears her new tune that you sent dear Hariod ! You are brilliant by the way ! …. And I hope you see how much you have inspired me ! Oh , and we will work on making those hearts ! Seriously , thankyou so much ! Merci , merci xx


      1. Gosh, I’m certainly not ‘brilliant’ Meg; I’m truly very ordinary. So I compensate for my ordinariness by exploring your creativity, imagination and earthiness; and what an intoxicating blend you have! By the way, I posted the book to you on Monday, so it will be with you by the end of next week if not before. I would be happy even if you kept it on a shelf unread, which probably would be wise; your life experience is so rich that I very much doubt my writing could enrich it further.

        Hariod. ❤


  2. Sammy’s done it again, totally captivated me!! And now we’ve got the three sisters… the voices are so strong, narrative so engaging… and the message deep and meaningful. Thank you Meg!!


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