Her Name is Sofia

A favorite of mine …J.D. Riso… A beautiful tribute to Sofia , Bulgaria , where I first discovered my writers voice .

Wish I Were Here


Sofia, Bulgaria- September 2014

She stands on the periphery of the bejeweled and famous. Arms crossed and smirking. A distinctive tiara perched on her disheveled curls.


Tattoos adorn her flesh. Back alley cowboy artist scrawls that draw blood.


They accentuate her unpolished baubles.


The flaws are deliberate and worn with pride.


Even her edges have edges.

Sofia12Packs of killer dogs prowl her streets. Children sniff glue in the murky underpasses. Do not wander her streets alone after dark. She is desolation. Stay away from her.

That is what the well-groomed, popular ones say.

Those whispers of warning are dispelled by her voice. It drifts through the thick rose-perfumed cigarette haze. Ancient melodies merged with modern banality. The result is charming, hypnotic. Intensely unique.


Heat flows through her veins. The deep, thirst-quenching fire of the Earth.


And the soul-appeasing warmth of faith.


If you observe her with a sharp, but respectful…

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4 thoughts on “Her Name is Sofia

  1. Thankyou for liking Christine and Volcanowoman … I’ve been inspired so much by J.D.Risos writings and travels .. I hope you visit his site too , it’s beautiful …. This is the first time I’ve done a reblog from someone’s site !


  2. You bring us yet another viewpoint to Sofia… modern and ancient place… the stories of humanity written on the streets and architecture. My world keeps expanding, Meg, from your world!! xoxoxo


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