Perplexings Again : Baby Blue Samsonite ( aka , Sammy ) , guest blogger



Flash : Meg finally got my urgent message ! … Thanks to you dear Janet ( here’s a photo of you )




I watched months ago as Meg sold and dissembled her whole house like a carpenter destroying an old kitchen to build new cabinets . She saved only her favorite things to fit in her tent ( lucky for me ! ) She disappears a lot : on that bike of hers doing some photo series on places where no one is or going to that coffee shop I can’t pronounce ( Leelanau ) to write . Someone asked her the other day , ” are you a lawyer “? because she writes on a legal pad . I lol when I heard that one cause if you could see her , no one looks less  like a lawyer than Meg ! ( FYI – I overhear all conversations that take place in tent ).






“It is a very good thing you have done for me since moving into our tent Meg . Thank-you from my heart , you know , the stone heart you found on the beach that very first day , the smooth heart shaped stone , the one you painted bright red and placed inside , inside my satin elastic-topped pouch – that same pouch where your favorite necklace is , you know the one , that silver chain filled with charms from that lover you never let go of , that one from 3 years ago who is married now . You might want to finally let go now even though I wonder what would happen to the love poetry you write ? My heart seems to be growing and it’s a-bit crowded in here !




” And Meg , thank-you for finding Eve – that once old broken table from the side of the road – saved now from destruction and oblivion . That’s why I love you so much Meg , even with all your quirkiness . ( I overheard that one too !) . And in discovering she even had a name was brilliant of you – the way you decided to paint orange only on one wood slate like wearing a shiny pair of shoes with those old blue-jeans of yours , you know the ones with all the holes that you even wear under your dresses . ( Funny too , living in a tent and wearing gorgeous dresses !). . . And then her name came thru – Eve – , you gave me a friend , Eve ! She’s doing better now , all those beautiful objects placed upon her has given her a beautiful mind , rich in diversity and knowledge and confidence too . Her voice is losing that squeaky soft sound and is clear  like the wide blue sky . It took awhile but now she’s even quoting from your poetry books , ” give me the splendid silent sun , with all his beams full dazzling ”




” Eve asked me to remind you that your mirror is inside the wooden spice box from Afghanistan and to tell you , because , you always leave with a smudge above your lip from that “silver city pink ” lipstick . That tube is always up to tricky tricks ! ( not to tattle tale or anything ) . Eve and I are curious about your sleeping dreams – Yes , we both see them too ! We discuss their meaning as soon as you rush out to that coffee shop in the morning . ( warning : your bike basket is about to break from all the books and papers you travel with ). Those kissing dreams are the best , you know the ones , those very lucid ones that make you awake with a smile . Eve thinks they symbolize harmony , love , and contentment ( see , I told you she’s getting awful smart !) . And those egg dreams , the ones where the yolk is so yellow , brighter than the suns , joy , pure joy in your life ! Believe me , we feel this from you , rebirth , creative potential , the power of imagination are all yours from those eggs !




” Anyway , Meg , Eve and I ( I like that sound of that ) , Eve and I want you to know how happy we are living with you together in our tent … Thankyou ! Below is our address if anyone wants to send a letter ( Eve and I don’t understand the ipad and find it rather scary ).

Meg , Sammy and Eve

0 Western ave. in the woods

Glen Arbor , Michigan




P.s. Thanks for leaving us those Hershey kisses you are always looking for ! Oh , and thank Cindy from across the way for playing her music so loud , Eve is learning the tango ! Imagine !  Oh , and one more thing ( don’t know just when you’ll let me guest blog again once you get back on the ” Venture ” and Beatitude Point that you’re so obsessed with ) … Try not to order any more of that peanut butter and jelly pizza from Bear Paws . You’re really not a kid anymore ! Oh , almost forgot , the doll from the orient is asking for some Chinese food .

P.s.s. Almost forgot , would you please carry Eve outside today , she wants to experience Walt Whitman .



18 thoughts on “Perplexings Again : Baby Blue Samsonite ( aka , Sammy ) , guest blogger

  1. Love this twist in writing! I thought I was the only person who named and “made real inanimate objects,” and talked to them! Maybe I should talk about them, but then it could never match up!


    1. I can relate to the need for balance. I’ve tried to put fun into my two latest blogs, An American Businessman’s Unglamorous Travels, and Head in the Clouds. Haven’t quite got the knack, but working on it! Love reading your serious Beatitude Point, too.


  2. This is so very imaginative. Love Eve and Sammy. Looking forward to exploring more of your work. Thank you for taking a look at mine. p.s. I had the chance to live in and explore Michigan for about 8 years some time ago. Fell in love with the people.


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