Tent Vision – P.J.Poet – Poetry Love Crown

imageNow living in a tent , upon awakening , under my cloud-like pillow of feathers , I find a poem written on pink tissue paper , folded so carefully like my mothers floral batiste handkerchief . I hear Baby Blue Samsonite ( Sammy ) sigh , sigh long as she sits in the far corner enjoying the canvas walls gentle movement . . . I often wonder just what she does while I sleep … especially now in the tent ! She holds , like a drawer , all my clothes neatly placed in piles of cotton , silk and wool and yet lately I find them in a confusing mess as if she loaned them in the night to someone else , with my green vintage dress ( the dress of infinite possibilities ) rumpled in a heap on top . Just WHAT has she been up too ! Her sigh this morning is all-consuming like the grace of a beatitude which is why I’m not really angry with her mysterious antics .


Photo by Aela Labbe

The poem is dated November 6 , 2011

I see him out

my window where

the heavens crack

the rain splashing the sky

a scent pungent falling

a crown upon his head .

he enters the room

no one sees him come in .

the curtains move

like oceans touching land

shadows sink

with the sun onto the floor

a symphony strand .

I see him .

the others gathered here,

a celebration taking place ,

seem not to notice ,

the stir around them

quieting me .

Mouths moving

i hear not their sound

only his gaze familiar and sweet .

and when he goes

no one knows he’s left

but I do

and cry at the emptiness

like drops of rain disappearing

onto petals of flowers unknown

that bring forth

a vision of life

of that which remains

a cover of silvery stars

in his pale brown eyes

looking at me .

standing in the doorway

a room in my view

a vision so handsome

i see him still

a crown on his head

resting upon my flying bed

reflecting a mist

where I exist .


In the Bhagavad Gita , Krishna tells Arjuna , ” Nothing is ever lost . What you relinquish on the material plane you will rediscover a thousand times more wonderfully in God “.


Photo by Lara Zankoul

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