Perplexings : P. J. Poet


Guest blogger – B.B. Samsonite ( a k a … P.J.Poet )

Baby Blue Samsonite ( Sammy for short ) , dreams she has a real face , a pleasant face , a recognizable face , a face rather like Meg’s .

” It is not a good thing you have done to me ! I’m confused as to what story I’m in and I’m beginning to get lost and tired of going back and forth between all your quirky characters … Who exactly am I anyway “?

Meg has a lot of thinking to do .

After days without food or water , alone , between a novel , a screenplay , reality interludes , the weary suitcase receives a communication from the Wakan Tanka ( the Great Mystery ) . The vision is not hazy or ill-defined . It is real . It hits Baby Blue sharp and clear like an electric shock . She is wide awake and suddenly there is a person standing next to her who she knows can’t be there at all , yet she is not dreaming , her eyes are wide open ! The vision speaks to her .


Photo : Ellen Rogers

” One must die lovable ( if one can ) . There is no greater achievement than to be totally lovable at the end . You can not predict what will happen when the day comes for you to crawl into bed for the last time , but if you are not taken suddenly , you want to be lovable ( if you can ) “.

I hope Meg clears up this dilemma before then ! Especially since she’s left me in such a limbo . Look , look , here is my imagined face … I’m nearly human after all !


Further Perplexings :

When she

transformed into a

butterfly , the

caterpillars spoke

not of her beauty .

but of her

weirdness . They

wanted her to

change back into

what she always

had been .


but she had wings .

poem by Dean Jackson


P.s.   I hope Meg let’s me be a quest blogger again ! Please put in a good word for me as I’m not sure she always hears me !




7 thoughts on “Perplexings : P. J. Poet

  1. Janet , Thankyou so much ….some of the previous posts went awfully deep for me … And then baby blue appeared again with lightness and humor …I’m thankful for sure ! … Often the dark brings forth the light !


  2. This is my first reading of a post of yours Meg; and I do so love being perplexed.

    Still, attempting to un-perplex for a moment, did you really mean Wanka Tanka?

    That would indeed be a great mystery to an innocent typo-pedant like myself. 😉


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