Crown Jewels Revisited


” We were once revolutionaries with ” flower power ” and now we can hope to achieve  our crowning glory thru the diverse paths of all our experiences . This is only the beginning ” …..sentence from my first posted blog .


That day , that extraordinary day 6 months ago when beginning this blog while on a pilgrimage to Bulgaria , and having no idea really , as to just what I was doing other than feeling a creative spirit emerge like a gentle ocean wave over the not so distant Black Sea , I began . It was a wave of some sort of rebirth , a vibrant rebirth from that ancient and mysterious place deep within the Thracian Valley , deep within me .


Today , I re-read that first posting and the 50 following , and my subtle growth as a writer shouted out to me and many overused and favorite words too .  The often secret voice with-in , that is so rarely spoken , surprises me still making my heart feel enlarged as I look at the written words so strangely giving the soul it’s expression . The beginnings of a novel , a screen play , poetry , musings of memories , dreams revealed out of joy , out of pain , tragedy , shame and regret and even fear … It has been powerfully sapient , strangely wonderful and sweetly healing to set free as the wind of Bulgaria began to cleanse my being , soaring the mundane into the sublime , transforming the enduring truth of my life . I am so grateful …Life is Beautiful ! … so gorgeously beautiful ( my most used word ) , especially when complexity flows into simplicity and glows into a white light .


In discovering episodes of a life , a human life , a story begins . Overwhelmed and humbled , compassion plays like a Chopin symphony . To be set free from self-judgement and dogma is … well , it is Divine … to no longer be embarrassed by what I write about is no longer just an interlude but a complete Opera with all the true , clear sounding of a loud brass , gentle wind instruments , the lyrical piano notes , pounding , heart beating percussion and erotic guitars and strings . In rereading , I ask myself , ” where did that come from “? I only faintly remember writing it . I ask , does the mind and soul speak to each other ? … I hear the whispering.


I have felt your spirit of encouragement and hopes and I wish you could truly know how important and lovely you are … You shine and it dazzles and I felt your love along the way .



























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