Clouds … the goddess


Character study : Brigid ( beloved goddess )

Places : Orcas , Hawaii , various train scenes from London to Cairo

A most beautiful woman in her mid forties , from Sweden . She can be heard by the tinkling of her ankle bells in scenes where she is not seen . It is love at first sight between her and Eric . Note to cameraman : film only her feet at certain times when mystery is to be evoked . She is the queen of the night with the owl as her symbol .


Music playing by Leonard Cohen , ” There is a crack in everything . That’s how the light gets in ”

” The Goddess doesn’t enter us from outside ; she emerges from deep within . She is not held back by what happened in the past . She is conceived in consciousness , born in love , and nurtured by higher thinking . She is integrity and value , created and sustained by the hard work of personal growth and the discipline of a life lived actively in hope “.


Music playing slow and hauntingly beautiful : piano

Brigid appears too in the final death scene , wearing a long see-thru flowing gown with scant bikini underneath , on the windswept beach of Hawaii .

music playing : one note piano and flute with the sound of her ankle bells as an owl is shot in slow motion joining the eagle on Abu’s shoulder .









2 thoughts on “Clouds … the goddess

  1. Aawwww … Thankyou Janet ! Once my husband Ted said to me , ” if I had a $100. bill in my pocket , I would give it to you “. The sentiment was far sweeter than having the money . But Janet , I just can’t stop thinking about this film that keeps appearing in my mind …. I’ve been writing madly in the midst of busy , everyday chores that need to be done …Your heart-felt support is very dear to me .


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