Clouds … A love story screenplay



A floating tale of drama , comedy and music in one persons life .

Character notes : Andrea

Place : Hawaii


She represents the quirky yet stable side of life … a paradox .

Her motto : ” I rarely end up where I was intending to go , but often end up somewhere that I needed to be “.

Her presence introduces humor to the plot reminding viewers that often the serious = the comical . A bird enters the scene representing this aspect of comedy when Andrea is not present . She is pregnant and moving with husband and little daughter just before birth to Hawaii and asks Tavisha ( her mother ) to come along .

” I need to bring my life to Hawaii . I need to put it in a box “. This email to her mother sparks Tavishas goodbye to Eric and Orcas Island .


Music for scenes with Andrea :

” Goodnight My Angel ” by Billy Joel … tenderness of motherhood

” Walking in the Air ” from the animated movie , ” The Snowman ” … brilliant along side the absurd


Second email sent to Tavisha before she arrives :

Mom ,

I am having a very emotional day today . So many aspects of humanity are bubbling to the surface . Remind me to share the following with you : … House rental in Honokoa

Bobs responce

Lillie Kent

Lady who is buying my house

I think there may be more .


Scene of laughter between Andrea and Tavisha as they compose letter together for rest of family :

” We’re so broke that Andrea uses the milk from my cereal bowl in her morning coffee … but we couldn’t be happier “!

” We’re so broke that we returned our $2.95 fly sweater because a flip-flop works much better … but we couldn’t be happier “!

” We’re so broke that we take the curtains off the window to use as beach blankets … but we couldn’t be happier “!

Life in paradise : ” Brushed my teeth with baby diaper ointment , thought it was ” Toms ” toothpaste !

… … … … …

The Volcano : Peles Fire represents the connection between Abu and Andrea

Abu collects the following poem dropped by baby blue samsonite  , at the airport before Tavisha boards for Kona

” The iridule , when beautiful and strange , in a bright sky above a mountain range . One opal cloud let in an oval form reflects the rainbow of a thunderstorm , which in a distant valley has been staged , for we are most artistically caged “.

… … … … …

Andreas final scene :

After the death of Tavisha we see Andrea ( Olivia in the background ) , on the verge of a tender and humorous spiritual epiphany as Abu appears ( carrying baby blue samsonite ) …and takes hold of her hand .

Closing scene : note to camera man : slow motion , bird ( chickadee ) flys from far to near and just before landing on Abu’s shoulder , turns into an eagle …Olivia sitting on the beach and Andrea smiling with tears .








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