The Suitcase


A suitcase found itself standing around the corner from the open gate . ” It’s perfect here “, Baby Blue Samsonite thinks , watching the flower of life bloom a sunrise amber like the eternal flame still burning at Arlington for President Kennedy .


A girl appears on the scene , appears floating like a bird with head bowed , a girl who sits down in silence , a silence killing her with its loneliness making everything ordinary too beautiful to bear . She hears water dripping from the rusty sprinkler head , dripping methodically like the even rows of tombstones stretching into the horizon … Listen now , listen to the dripping sound .


Baby Blue opening around the corner

around the corner of the earth

of the sea

of a tree .

Around the corner of my heart

from the pasture

from the orchard

around the corner of the sun .

Baby Blue , infant blue ,

stars across her chest

around the corner

from my house .

A new word , a strange quest ,

a grain of sand

embedded in an open wound

to become a life

around the corner

from the sailing ship .

Baby Blue

around the corner

around the corner of the earth ,

Baby Blue .


This girl , on her way to someplace , she knows not where , watches for hours this samsonite suitcase with its name tag , Joyce .

” Why are you left here , are you forgotten “?

” Open me please “, the suitcase whispers .

The girl hears the dripping sound . A gust of wind like the sound of a trumpet , blows the suitcase down and twin caterpillars crawl to open the latches , one on each side . The lonely girl looks inside  ..the scent of roses. Oh look , look and see … A frock of fascination , a frock of gratitude , a yellow frock of joy , a petticoat of wind , cloud and sea waves . A frock embroidered with music notes and one with names around a sash . .. and look , look an envelope faintly written on with ink … It says , ” OPEN , repack suitcase and leave for someone around the corner of your life “.






8 thoughts on “The Suitcase

  1. Peggy, your writing is beautiful! Hope there is a way we could connect this summer – would love to share some time with you. Carol


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