Clouds … Casting

  Tavisha : Patricia Clarkson   Abu : Javier Bardem   Eric : Viggo Mortensen   Beloved Goddess : Maggie Gyllenhaal   Andrea : Juliette Lewis   Olivia : Olivia Marie Ippel   Baby blue samsonite suitcase : as herself   Opening date set for summer of 2015              


Scene 1 : London lyrical orchestra music playing : It is the first month of the modern year 2012 and the darkness on the street has a voice . Remembering the timeline of the momentous year that has just preceded , Tavisha sits in the Moorgate Station with her back to us , hypnotic like…Read more »

The Suitcase

A suitcase found itself standing around the corner from the open gate . ” It’s perfect here “, Baby Blue Samsonite thinks , watching the flower of life bloom a sunrise amber like the eternal flame still burning at Arlington for President Kennedy . A girl appears on the scene , appears floating like a…Read more »