Remember the dream of the green dress made of glass that shattered quite awhile ago and begins the metamorphosis of improbability  ?Are you ready to hear more because I want you to pay attention … attention to the beginning of something special where the black and white muffled sound of conversation swirls itself around us as a ring of opals , like a sacred scroll , appears in living color , a color that shines with the precision from astral light beams over a crowd of celebrating guests . Breathe deep in … it is a wedding scene and something more , a ring from a grandmothers grave and a Blue Dream buttery chocolate flower floating towards us from the masterpiece canvas of Leonardos , Leda and the Swan . And look too at the eyes of the pretty bonsai baby with the amber necklace  , her watery black eyes talking to us , ” I told you that we could fly cause we all have wings but some of us don’t know why “.


This time everyone diverse is connecting to a deep belief of strength from within. They exit and enter the wedding scene like actors in an opera with a confidence in their voices soon to be singing as the velvet curtain slowly opens , everyone on their mark . But look , the sequence has turned around and tears are shed that turn into wine , shed at the rehearsal as if it were already the excitement of opening night . And the wine stains the audience red like the blush covering the actors cheeks . Standing now , we hear light traffic , no talking , wondering if some vessel has broken , some supernatural vessel , a masterpiece of a vessel from Florence or Sofia or perhaps even from this magical city here , this American city of historic significance  , a city standing alone in its anthem of “set me free why don’t you babe” . Yes , look , a new freedom , its past anger relinquished by love . Breathe , breathe in the colliding renaissance man now aligned with the age of technology like the last commissioned work of Da Vinci , a great mechanical lion that walks and opens its chest to reveal a bouquet of lilies … its creators heavenly spirit returned exactly five hundred years later to the scene in front of us .


And feeling like she just swallowed a bag of butterflies , she slides in a new dress to the dance floor where shyness and introversion express itself in movement and gets lost in the musical atmosphere like little red riding hood in the forest of frightened beauty . A new place of higher vibration where blood rushes your cells into rhythms of blowing stardust and flowing silks . A place where hair is let free from its braids held tight under a woolen hood . And look , others now enter into the dance , all wishing it would last many days and nights while the folds of the dancing dresses make waves like glistening ripples of sun over ocean faces .


Pay attention , look , the ring appears once again , a bolt of silver blue lightning escaping golden from a grandmothers grave , a shard of sparkle from that broken green glass dress we began with . The wedding guests look at one another in recognition , the recognition of only one moment , this momentous moment like those high on marijuana do in airports passing each other in happiness . And look , see the dream apparition exiting and entering and speaking once more from those black opal eyes of the love child , ” don’t ask him what she knows is true , you don’t have to tell her that he loves her precious heart , he was standing , she was there , two worlds collided and they could never tear them apart “.


Seize it now , seize the moment that makes you see life the way its suppose to be … beautiful with breathtaking mystery and clarity beating to the divine collective dance . Breathe …..







2 thoughts on “Breath

  1. Breathtaking, soaring, mystical, mythical, and amazingly inspired, Meg! A wedding to be remembered through multi-portals of time, place, and love. Always love. Wonderful images too, and what a gift to your family, this souful piece. We love you so much, and thank you for carrying us into your world, once again!


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