Music of the Bee-keeper … or How I got here , What happened and Why


Honey ( Madhu ) is one of the five elixirs of immortality ( Panchamrita )


She wakes at 3:00 a.m. , again the dream of the flying carpet she sits upon , the woven patterns of Turkey , a map , changing in the wind with the new moon tide making joyful the fishermen below . She sees the swimming fish and on the shore , donkeys in the mist .


She watches and here enters a thought that wanders thru the sky slow and deep and golden in the morning . The cosmos change color and there are no limits to anything . She holds a ticket on the night train to Bulgaria .


She walks at 10:00 a.m. only thinking of the bee keeper . With wonder like a new tooth growing she lives here and now and she is saturated like melted butter . Will he be playing Pink Floyd or Procul Harem , Jimi Hendrix or Florence and the Machine again ? He is a ghost never seen and only known by the music drifting from the broken window . She thinks of him sometimes while she stirs thick honey  into her dead mothers teacup she has safely wrapped in white linen a year ago for this journey . A cup of delicacy and aristocracy so foreign to the earthy and primitive stone wall she sits upon to eat her simple breakfast .


Like dark chocolate her addiction guides her towards his lane near the outskirts. . How can this be ! … this music ! … this day ! So strangely different from the others !  Beethoven s Third Symphony , this revolutionary symphony that once burst upon an un expecting  world in the summer of 1804 ! … and now the bee keepers music . Does he stand with Beethoven in the center of the music expressing his soul too ? Is the artist the hero ? Oh little soul gentle and drifting , guest and companion of her body , flying in the clouds and thru the window with a ticket on the magic carpet …


Flying Carpet 1880 by Russian artist Viktor Mikhaylovich

personal note : We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place … we stay there even though we go away and there are things in us that we can find again only by going back … we travel to ourselves when we have covered a stretch of time … we go to that place again no matter how brief it may have been .


Painting left on the wooden gate door in Gita , Bulgaria

I shall begin again when I reach America on April 1 , 2014 .

Love is a lucid roar

4 thoughts on “Music of the Bee-keeper … or How I got here , What happened and Why

  1. Meg… so lovely… I’m carried to places of dreams, through soul, your beautiful soul, with the beauty of your awareness touching my heart, opening me to new ideas, and ways of seeing. I think we leave parts of ourselves wherever we go, and take in the soulfulness of others too… just by our breath, and the exchange of atoms that become embedded in a place, through scalar wave energy that transcends time, travels intstantly, and is everywhere.

    Emily Carr wrote of this, about her relationship to the forest as she painted, how there was a circular spiritual exchange that took place, where the livingness of the wild entered into her, and her energies entered into the forest, and this was then embedded in the painting too that we can see and feel.

    Thank you so much for these stories, for bringing us with you as you experience this multi-layered, rich, resonant, beautiful life, so filled with wonder. xoxo


  2. How can I thank you Janet for your ever present spirit of love , encouragement and inspiration as I’ve told these stories ….and Emily Carr !…I have known of her from when I spent time on Orcas Island from a book at the library there….Thankyou for re-introducing her to me …Life is Beautiful !


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