Janet and Temple Food … Artist , writer and poet




” My life is my message “.    Ghandi

Janet Doane is Seattle born , a lover of nature , family  and friends , raw food and living from the heart in ways that can help the planet . She studied at Lyme Academy College of Fine Art and in Italy . She generously shares a love for art , photography , poetry , spirituality , animals , the earth and all things beautiful . I am honored to share her poetry this month as my “guest blogger “.



Portrait of a Heart …. painting by Christian Schloe


excerpt from poem by Janet Doane from , My Father Passes


Golden Thy love .

Golden Thy light .

Golden is the heart that breathes

with the fire of Gods love.


Golden be pure .

Golden be touched .

Golden be the soul that shines

throughout the worlds of creation .




Sea Circle


Voices break

like waves that arrive unexpectedly

upon some distant shore

forming a multitude of sounds

telling of the stories

of a hundred thousand lifetimes


While the greater ocean heaves a spiral sigh

and continues on

into an infinite blue

reflecting a magnitude of ever-reaching seasons

with rhythms of change

that pass across its surface

like expressions or shadows

rippling across the faces of the soulful .


And the clear colors of the stars that the eye cannot see

shine upon the creatures that glide in the fathomless deep .




Symbols and meanings :

Blue – The color of the sky , ocean , sleep and twilight . The ancient Egyptians used lapis blue to represent heaven . It is the color of inspiration , sincerity and spirituality and represents the collective conscious of our subconscious .


Gold – It is associated with abundance , richness and enlightenment of the soul illuminating and enhancing other things around it .




The Sea – Denotes a collection of memory knowledges and is a universal dream symbol that carries the meaning of mother . The sea reminds us that all things are connected through the universal flow of energy . The ocean is where life begins and it represents our inner most desire to connect with our source and our own creative power .




Circles and Spirals – the oldest geometric shapes in ancient art work . Circles are often used as a symbol for Spirit and spirals are primal , raw and represent intuition .




Janets’ newest book , Temple Food … nourishing the Body as a Sanctuary for Spirit , is about the art of intuitive eating and living a love – based life . It is a beautiful story about food and love with painted poems to touch your heart and nourish the inner you along with 121 raw food recipes for everyday . Please see her website for more information at http://www.thehealingfeast.com .



Crown of Eternal Friendship

personal note :

Denise and I walked off the ferry from Orcas Island to Friday Harbor . She had been telling me of the special kindness of her friends , Janet and Rex , who had invited us for dinner that night . When Janet answered our knock on the door , a pilgrimage began . I was seriously struck by the physical and ethereal beauty of her youthful looking face ( she was in her 50’s ) which had dewdrops of light spiraling from her whole presence and her long hair with streaks of blond like summer wheat that grows in Michigan near the sand dunes when the sun is shining . And even her light colored eyes shown with this pulsating wave of love that included us in their intensity . If you know Janet you understand  and it is divinely human and touches people to their core .

It was the first time I had eaten a raw food dinner of which she and Rex were preparing in their kitchen as another interesting guest arrived who worked on the islands’ large lavender farm . Every dish had been lovingly created . It was a table of exquisite grace . After dinner we relaxed in front of a fire and Rex put on a CD that was very rare of the Dali Llama singing with a most deep and breathtaking voice to his cherished friend who was soon to die . Quietly , everyone sat on cushions on the floor in meditation as I remained on the sofa knitting a sweater . Janet had looked at me before closing her eyes as the deep melodic strange voice got louder . Suddenly I felt the ball of yarn fall helplessly from my hands …..

I came to the awareness later that evening that there is a point where you connect to the global knowledge stream of the universe , to the world soul , where you see and hear everything and are everywhere at once . I know because I found that point in the eyes of Janet . Rex and Janet are mystical and Rex told me after covering my cold body with blankets that I would never be the same again …he spoke the truth.

I am sad that I have only been with them on two occasions , once overnight when life was filled with despair . Yet so much more than sadness , I feel a golden blessing from the connection that flows between us with love …. and even in differing countries now across the big sea , her eyes inspire me .



Sculptures are by Christina Bothswell …. A favorite of Janet’s and mine

4 thoughts on “Janet and Temple Food … Artist , writer and poet

  1. Meg, dearest… you have touched me to my core… words cannot express the emotion that is sweeping through me from reading your creation, a total surprise to me as I see it now for the first time. We have been planning this, but I had no idea how you would gather the art, the poems, and write and create something so unexpected and wondrous… oh my… I am utterly honored and humbled, as tears fall in gratitude, deep as the ocean of my whole being, with feelings within me that I cannot fully express. I treasure you, our friendship, always and forever. Thank you Meg, from my heart to your heart.


  2. I keep reading your story again and again, of how you entered into such a high state of consciousness. This is just beautiful to see… I remember you sharing some of this after you ‘came back’ from that profound and life-changing experience. I love how you tell the story, carrying us right there with you.


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