Il Postino – The Postman ….. and my later found letter





” your smile spreads across your face like a butterfly “

The Postman is a film , a graceful masterpiece , based on the true events of a transformative friendship between a shy postman and the exiled poet , Pablo Neruda . It is a moving tribute to the power and beauty of poetry , a tale of brotherhood , and a charmingly quirky romance filled with metaphors and inspiration , grace and simplicity .



On a tiny island off the coast of Italy in 1953 , the postman has been given the job of delivering mail to the towns new resident. He is astonished by the remarkable amount of mail from women that Neruda receives . He begins a relationship with the poet to learn the secret . Thru their friendship , Neruda not only helps the shy postman capture the heart of the towns most beautiful woman , he also inspires him to see himself and his quiet fishing village in a lyrical way .




symbols and themes


high cliffs and rundown town


ocean waves , letters , poetry


love , friendship , transformation



This film was nominated for many Oscar awards including best original score , best actor , best director and best screenplay. It won the Oscar for best picture of 1995 . Massimo Troisi , who portrayed the postman , had been suffering from a heart ailment and was unable to work more than an hour or two on the filming each day.  Sadly , he died in his sleep at the age of 41 the day after shooting ended .




Personal note : how letters become dreams on paper

I received a phone call from a stranger four years after my husband had died . She asked me if I had been Ted’s wife and told me she had a gift for me . We met anxiously and she kindly explained the happenings that now brought her search to me . She had checked out a book , a book of poems , and in between the pages was a handwritten letter with small drawings on the back of the paper. It began with, ” to my little deer ” and ended with just his simple signature, “Ted”. This stranger who had only recently moved to our small town , explained how she and the librarian had traced the last previous date on the check out file to my husband . Instantly , I had recognized his handwriting . As I read his words , the letter became alive as if I were holding a beating heart in my hands . They were loving thoughts with a sadness for an argument we had the previous day and asking for understanding . I knew what he was referring too and the memory breathed again . I don’t know why I had received it when I did , but I believe he knew and that it being found in that particular book and so many years later was his intention . An inspired letter can be as riveting as a stare . He understood life in its miraculous beauty … its poetry … his wish was fulfilled .




3 thoughts on “Il Postino – The Postman ….. and my later found letter

  1. I remember this story mom and being amazed! Thanks for again sharing…it’s your are open to endless blessings always and you patiently wait while living your daily life with so much truthfulness and love! I love when you share memories of Ted! A true romance, you and Ted!


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