Sleep, Pajamas and a Recipe

ImageSleep is baffling. It holds my fascination because of the dreams : mystical doorways to inner-worlds.ImageThere are many stories of people having great creative break thrus in their dreams : Paul McCartney’s beautiful tune for “Yesterday”….Elias Howe’s invention of the sewing machine and the haunting poems of Edgar Allen Poe who suffered from dreams we call nightmares are only a few. I had a dream once on the night my daughter left for Africa. I remember the clarity of it like your image in a mirror and upon awakening, I found my sketchbook and immediately drew what I had seen : a tunic sweater with a detailed pattern written and floating above. I hadn’t knit since girlhood and had then only learned a few basics, but the vision was so unusual that I quickly bought yarn and needles and began “knitting a dream”. It turned out looking exactly as I had seen it. If I wear one of my tunics into a yarn shop, the owner often asks me , ” how in the world did you make the sleeves to look like that”! It has since become , in its variations, the model pattern for all my knitting. I realize it’s so simple if compared to “Yesterday” but it truly enriched my tomorrow’s.

ImageThe Haunted Pajamas by Francis Perry Elliot. 1911 “to my Winifred”


” I believe sir”, said Jenkins looking up, “the gentleman has sent you……

” By Jove, a suit of pajamas “! I exclaimed, holding them up.

” The gentleman says sir”‘ studying the letter ” that his present of a pair of pajamas may seem surprising, but you won’t know how surprising until you have worn them”.

I suggest this delightful book that can be found to read for free if you google the title….for bedtime reading.


When I told my daughter, Jacqueline, that I had begun a blog, she asked me what kind of recipes it had….I laughed….”all blogs have recipes mom”! So here is a post for you, sweet girl, for a more restful sleep.


Sweet Green Sleepytime Juice

2 large organic oranges-peeled

1 organic lemon – peeled

1/2 bunch of watercress

8 stalks of celery

1/2 head organic romaine lettuce

place all ingredients thru a juicer, stir if necessary and drink one glass immediately.


Note: Pajama bag: place clean nightclothes in here and put under pillow for tomorrow night

for Jordan and Braxton……sweet dreams little boys….zzzzzzzzzz


6 thoughts on “Sleep, Pajamas and a Recipe

  1. Oh mom…I had no idea that you picked up needles because of a dream. I suppose it must have been rooted in you from a early age when you watched your grandma make such beautiful blankets, stockings, etc. I love the simplicity of your blog and at the same time learning new things of my one mother that I did not know. I am blessed! Regarding the pj keeper…I love this! It reminds me of a dream catcher, love!


  2. I’m so fascinated by everything in your posts, Meg… and wonder about the art, where it comes from, who made it, like the little sculptures, the beautiful and luminous photo of the woman in the nightdress, the little pajama bag. I love your blog, and look forward to it each day!!


    1. Janet….you are so gracious….the sculpture piece of cast glass and raku fired clay is by artist Christina Bothwell. Most of the photos I find on Pinterest site and the sleeping boy is my grandson ,Jordan. I’m going to have to create a pajama bag myself!


  3. Thanks for letting me know, Meg! I was so curious because the sculptures look like something that you might make. When I saw the glass one, it first struck me as an ice sculpture! I watched a film, Rivers and Tides, about the nature sculptor, Andy Goldsworthy, and he made things with ice that were so beautiful. And btw… the juice recipe sounds delicious! Your dream is so evocative, and the sweater you knitted… what a wonderful story!


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