Poetry Love Crown

ImageI was in love with him the moment I saw him. I tried not to be. I left the island and him six months later. That was three years ago. Some days I see the answer and think I understand and other days it feels like the seasons became mixed up, like a day that forgot to turn into night. Yet he remains within me and shows himself often and in his voice is poetry. My sonnets released thru him from secret tunnels I can no longer hide myself in.


Eastsound Bay


remember the fish on the shore

love was a glowing blue eye

remember we stared and stared more

and then found a place on the bay to lie

two lovely eyes

a winter to die

two lovely eyes.


remember my statute that would cry

its broken arms you tried to heal

you came over me like a holy light

following the fish on the shore for more that night

two lovely eyes

a winter to die

two lovely eyes.

ImagePersonal note: after thinking of actually posting this and feeling nervous about sharing myself this way, I thought to search into the meanings of certain symbols that often come into my poetry.



Water holds ancient symbolic meanings of the subconscious. The fish was sacred in Greek mythology. In Christianity it is a symbol of abundance and faith and Jesus. Pagan traditions recognize it as an attribute of the goddess. As a Celtic symbol it stood for wisdom, inspiration and prophesy and in the Indian mythology,transformation and creation. And in Buddhism it means happiness and freedom being one of the eight sacred symbols.


Life is still, indwelling and silent….a time of introversion and contemplation.


In Christianity, the eye of God is depicted hovering over a tent, symbolic of the Tabernacle, the temple of the faithful. Here the eye represents the Spirit of God peering into the soul. In Egypt we see the eye of Horus. In this context it is a symbol of protection and life. In dreaming the meaning of eyes indicates an opening into a new dimension. It may also show an ability to see past what is common and to spiritually arrive to the place where your inner vision perceives all things in their Divine glory….even the simplest of things becoming imbued with an exquisite quality inherent in all of nature.

I pondered all of this and understood.


in gratitude for the beauty of life

2 thoughts on “Poetry Love Crown

  1. I’m so glad you posted these poignant poems, Meg. They reached out and touched me deeply. Adding the photos brought a whole new level, with both the words and images enhancing each other.


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