The Sunday Crown of Fibonacci

ImagePerfection of Divine Creation : the mathematics of Beauty

 The Golden Mean spiral is a doorway that weaves the ethereal and material dimensions together. Once you discover this in nature it will become evident even in the smallest details. Look at a sunflower, a shell or a pine cone. It is also called Sacred Geometry. Many artist use this divine sequence in their own work.ImageLeonardo Da Vinci referred to the Golden Ratio as the ” divine proportion “.  “To develope a complete mind: study the science of art ; study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else “.Image


3 thoughts on “The Sunday Crown of Fibonacci

  1. Oh WOW … THE Golden Ratio … a most amazing mathematical construct which indeed is found in many places in the natural world … WOW … this construct divided and confused the Pythagorean Society.


  2. Not only in my sunflowers but also your pink rose petals Meg. Also in Salvador Dali’s Sacrament of the Last Supper and Fibonacci’s Liber abaci Chapter 12’s problem of breeding rabbits. I am stunned to see you and I are aware of connections between Fibonacci numbers, the Golden Ratio and many things in nature, philosophy, music, art …


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