First Doorway to Jubilee

imageYou can enter with Golden Key of Antiquity ( found in one of your secret boxes ). This site in the blogosphere is inspired by me thru culture, art, music, film, poetry, books, history,nature, beauty, and love. It is available for those of us living 5 decades or more to be carried by a current of community,  awakening and sharing each of our stories.  We were once revolutionaries with ” flower power ” and now we can hope to achieve our crowning glory thru the diverse paths of all our experiences.  This is only the beginning………..

10 thoughts on “First Doorway to Jubilee

    1. Thankyou Julie , so much ! ( the path from beginning to now is astonishing to me … how life evolves for each of us , so amazing ! ) and now I will go back to search your beginning … xx


      1. I usually have too many screens open if that happens… but how exciting! (try again, try again!)


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