Letters home , excerpts from Bulgaria

Plovdiv :  Historic city situated between Rhodope  Mountains, ( legendary homeland of Orpheus )  the Thracian Plains and the Balkan Mountain range. One of the worlds most ancient cities and Europes oldest inhabited city. A slightly dilapidated place with a beautiful sense of fading grandeur. Yesterday, I travelled on my own to Plovdiv by mini-bus.…Read more »

Sleep, Pajamas and a Recipe

Sleep is baffling. It holds my fascination because of the dreams : mystical doorways to inner-worlds.There are many stories of people having great creative break thrus in their dreams : Paul McCartney’s beautiful tune for “Yesterday”….Elias Howe’s invention of the sewing machine and the haunting poems of Edgar Allen Poe who suffered from dreams we…Read more »

Poetry Love Crown

I was in love with him the moment I saw him. I tried not to be. I left the island and him six months later. That was three years ago. Some days I see the answer and think I understand and other days it feels like the seasons became mixed up, like a day that…Read more »

The Sunday Crown of Fibonacci

Perfection of Divine Creation : the mathematics of Beauty  The Golden Mean spiral is a doorway that weaves the ethereal and material dimensions together. Once you discover this in nature it will become evident even in the smallest details. Look at a sunflower, a shell or a pine cone. It is also called Sacred Geometry.…Read more »

Music Holds the Keys to Life My Mother

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT7_IZPHHb0http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMTuXnLiZ2k She hung a print above my bed of a girl with a very long neck, an oblong face and eyes deep and black. The artist, Modigliani , remains one of my favorites today. Everything in my bedroom matched. She chose tiny yellow flowered wallpaper along with the same printed curtains. A bed, dresser, mirror…Read more »